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Calendar and some dice | Breast Cancer Car Donations

When is the 2018 Tax Season? Request for a Filing Extension If You Can’t Make It on Tax Day Tuesday, April 17, 2018, is Tax Day, the deadline for tax filing and payment of any taxes due the United States government. However, this is not the end of the 2018 tax season in the U.S., which […]

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Pink calendar and a calculator | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Here Are the Answers to Your Questions on IN Now that it’s April, all income earners are expected to file their federal income tax returns. Normally falling on the 15th of the month, this year’s Tax Day will take place two days later, which means that you have more time to prepare your tax requirements. […]

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Clock and tax documents | Breast Cancer Car Donations

‘How Do I Donate My Car For A Tax Write-off?’ Donating a car to charity will not only support the charity’s cause but will also do you good as it will allow you to get a good amount of tax savings if you include the tax deduction from your charitable contribution when you file your […]

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Green porsche parked | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Top 10 Car Donation FAQs: What You Need to Know Thousands of clunker owners across the country continue to burn more cash than they’d want to for their unwanted vehicles just because they didn’t bother to get the answers to their top 10 car donation FAQs. Maybe they’ve been toying with the idea of getting […]

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Person using calculator on his phone | Breast Cancer Car Donations

If you want to take advantage of a car donation tax deduction, one of the first things you’ll need to know is what value you can claim for your vehicle. Contrary to what you may have heard, you can’t just pick an amount and declare that as your donated car’s value. Rather, there are standards […]

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Red car parked | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Maybe you’ve got a car that no longer runs, but you don’t want to go through the hassles of selling. Or maybe your car’s in decent shape, but you’re just interested in donating it to a good cause. Whatever the reason you’re considering a vehicle donation, knowing how the process works can be confusing. To […]

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Brown RV parked near the beach during sunset | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Donating your old car to charity is a good way to get rid of your unwanted vehicle. In many cases, you can earn a tax deduction for donating a vehicle, but does it make financial sense? If you are wondering, “Why should I donate a car to charity, and how much will it affect my taxes?” […]

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Black van with a trailer | Breast Cancer Car Donations

It’s not uncommon for eco-conscious people to drive old cars. It’s not because they can’t afford a new one. It’s simply a matter of conviction: The longer you can keep an item in use and out of the landfill, the better for the planet. Right? Well, in the case of your old car, this may […]

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Tax documents with a calculator | Breast Cancer Car Donations

That vehicle you no longer want can help support the fight against Breast Cancer – not to mention help you come tax time. So how does the process work and what do you need to know before you donate your vehicle? Here are a few of the specifics about how to donate a car to […]

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Pink ribbon hope | Breast Cancer Car Donations

If you’ve been thinking about making a car donation for Breast Cancer, now is the time! That vehicle you no longer need or want could go a long way toward supporting important programs and services that help people who are hurting — and, provide you with several benefits as a result. What exactly are the […]

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