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Charitable Vehicle Donations

Are your family’s idle ATVs and snowmobiles taking valuable space in your garage? Do you or a family member have a motorized wheelchair that is no longer needed? Are abandoned lawn mowers, tractors and other farm equipment cluttering your yard?

Wouldn’t you like to get rid of them — easily, quickly and at no cost to you? These specialty vehicles can be a challenge to get rid of, not to mention a hassle. Rather than dealing with the headaches of advertising, showing and negotiating, consider the benefits of ATV, lawn mower and tractor donations.

Here’s why you should donate a motorized wheelchair or other no-longer-used specialty vehicle(s) to charity: We make the process of vehicle donation quick and hassle-free. You get rid of an unused vehicle, help save lives and get a tax deduction — all this at zero cost to you!

Whether you donate a riding lawn mower or donate a snowmobile, you don’t have to place ads, accept phone calls, show your vehicle or negotiate a price. What could be easier than that?


Accepted Specialty Vehicle Donations

We accept most specialty vehicles, regardless of age or condition. From ATV donations to golf cart donations, you can start the process now by calling us or filling out our form. After considering your vehicle’s description and details, we let you know if we can accept your donation. You can donate the following vehicle types:


Charitable Vehicle Donations Locations

Breast Cancer Car Donations accepts specialty vehicles in all 50 states (plus Washington, D.C.). Just a few of our most popular specialty vehicle donation areas are listed below:


Donation Is Fast and Easy

Not only does Breast Cancer Car Donations handle all the details for you, we also handle all the paperwork. After you schedule your vehicle pickup or tow, we collect it quickly at no cost to you, and then we sell it at auction. After the vehicle is sold, you receive the tax-deduction paperwork.

And that’s it! Your unused vehicle is gone, you get a tax break, and your old specialty vehicle is helping save lives.


Why Choose Breast Cancer Car Donations?

Today there are many places that accept car donations for charity — but Breast Cancer Car Donations is the established organization that turns those donations into funds for individuals with breast cancer as well as for their families.

When you donate an ATV or other specialty vehicle to us, you can rest easy that it’s going to a worthy cause and making a real difference. We also make the process as painless as possible, all you have to do is contact us.

Are you ready to donate a lawn mower, golf cart or tractor? To be a part of saving lives through breast cancer car donation, talk to us anytime! 

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