Accepted Vehicles

What Can You Donate?

Accepted Car Donations

We gladly accept almost all vehicles. In addition to cars, you can donate a truck, van, motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle or camper, fleet vehicle or just about any other type of vehicle. Your donated vehicle can be of any age, in any condition — it doesn’t even have to be running! We pick up vehicles in all 50 states.

Why You Should Donate Your Vehicle

  • Help save lives – Proceeds help prevent, detect, and find a cure for Breast Cancer
  • Deduct the sale value of your vehicle on your itemized tax return
  • Eliminate the hassle of selling or disposing of your vehicle
  • Get an idle car out of your garage, driveway, or yard
  • Stop paying for insurance and maintenance on a vehicle you don’t use
  • You don’t have to worry about any paperwork — We handle it all for you
  • Get fast, free pickup or towing at your convenience
  • It’s environmentally friendly – Recycling old cars help preserve natural resources
  • It’s fast, easy, and free
Help Save Lives
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Answered my questions and were able to assist with the title paperwork I needed. Thanks!


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