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Decorations for Halloween | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Ready to Spook Up Your House? The countdown to the spookiest time of the year is on! Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you without tricking out your house with some fabulous decorations. If you think that you’d have to spend a fortune on piles of pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, or festive wreaths, think again! You can […]

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Pumpkin Patch in Daytime | Breast Cancer Car Donations

It’s Time to Visit the Pumpkin Patch on October 26th! You’ll probably agree that it isn’t October without pumpkin pies and jack-o’-lanterns displayed in front porches. With pumpkins in full bloom during this time of the year, it makes perfect sense that National Pumpkin Day was designated to fall on the 26th of October, Yep, […]

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Halloween Decors at Home | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Running Out of Spooktacular Ideas? We Got Your Back! Little trick-or-treaters strolling down the streets, folks adorning their houses with jack-o’-lanterns and cobwebs, and friends exchanging horror stories while huddling around a campfire — yep, it’s Halloween once again! If you’re planning to spend it differently this year, like maybe just stay at home and […]

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Witch Costume for Halloween | Breast Cancer Car Donations

What Are You Going to Be This Halloween? One of the best things about Halloween is the thrill of planning for your perfect costume. After all, it’s the only time of the year when you can be anyone (or anything). Needless to say, this is the ultimate test of outfit planning. Some folks think that […]

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Woman Reading a Book | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Surviving Breast Cancer: 8 Best Books to Read Reading inspirational and uplifting books is a great way for breast cancer patients to find hope and comfort in times of despair. They love nothing more than to read true-to-life stories of how certain breast cancer victims were able to survive the devastating disease. That being said, […]

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Young Volunteer Helping the Community | Breast Cancer Car Donations

National Make a Difference Day: Simple Ways to Impact Lives: This October 24th, Help Make Your Community a Better Place for Everyone On October 24th, all Americans are encouraged to do their part in building a better community and extending their helping hands to those in need. It’s National Make a Difference Day! Celebrated every fourth […]

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Woman Holding a Book | Breast Cancer Car Donations

7 Best Books for Women Struggling with Breast Cancer Whether they’re having chemotherapy, radiation, or other forms of breast cancer treatment, there’s no denying that the treatment’s side effects can sometimes be too much for patients to endure. After finishing their treatment, most if not all of these patients find themselves stuck at home to […]

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Medical Professional | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Show Appreciation to These Dedicated Men and Women on October 21st Heroes usually have loyal sidekicks, and this holds true for our doctors and other health professionals. Doctors focus on treating patients, while medical assistants are tasked to take on clinical and administrative duties. From interviewing patients and taking vital signs to scheduling appointments and […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Here’s How You Can Make a Difference in Your Community Perhaps you know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer can start from a woman’s milk ducts, the glands that produce milk, and in other breast tissues. Did you know that next to skin cancer, breast […]

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Diagnostic Mammogram | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Learn How You Can Prepare Yourself for Your Diagnostic Mammogram While screening mammograms are used to detect symptoms of early breast cancer, diagnostic mammograms are carried out when breast abnormalities have been discovered. These abnormalities can be in the form of a lump, breast tenderness, skin changes, or nipple discharge. The mammogram results will identify […]

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