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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 4 Ways to Honor This Great American Hero | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Here’s How You Can Pay Tribute to MLK Sometimes, we tend to forget that the freedom we have today was made possible by extraordinary Americans who paid for it with their lives. Among them was Martin Luther King, Jr. King wasn’t just a dedicated American civil rights leader. He was also a visionary who brought […]

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Steps to Jump-Start a Dead Car Battery | Breast Cancer Car Donations

This Guide Will Get You Back on the Road in No Time Nothing ruins a good day more than a dead car battery. You jump into the driver’s seat of your vehicle in a rush to get your day started, only to find out that your car won’t start at all. No matter how many […]

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Things to Inspect Before Buying a Used Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Beware of Faulty Parts and Hidden Defects While buying a used car can be a practical option, you have to make smart choices. You wouldn’t want to bring home a secondhand vehicle without giving it a thorough examination first. If you fail to do that, you might end up discovering some faulty parts or hidden […]

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How to Channel Positivity | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Celebrate a Brighter Outlook with These Practical Tips Staying positive amid life’s challenges is a tough task. With the constant demands of work, studies, home responsibilities, and personal relationships hanging in the balance, the never-ending parade of problems and stressors gnaw away at your joy and make things appear bleak and hopeless. Even science agrees […]

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National Soup Month 3 Top Cancer-Fighting Soup Recipes | Breast Cancer Car Donations

This January, Include Soup in Your Meal Plans Soup has long been a comfort food for many folks in various parts of the globe. It can be served deliciously with almost all sorts of dishes. It’s also rich in nutrients. Would you believe that one bowl of soup alone is loaded with dietary fiber, protein, […]

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How Pets Can Help Cancer Patients | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Amazing Benefits of Pet Therapy Pets are known to offer a lot of amazing benefits to their owners. Pets provide companionship. They improve your mood. They motivate you to stay active, and they provide unwavering loyalty. That’s why pet therapy or pet-assisted therapy is slowly gaining popularity in treating patients diagnosed with certain health […]

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Car Battery Keeps Dying | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Know Why Your Car Battery Drains Quickly Having a car battery die while you’re driving is extremely stressful, especially if you just had your old one replaced. A car battery has an average life expectancy of three years. When your relatively new car battery suddenly loses power, that can leave you stranded, frustrated, and wondering […]

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National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

This January, Learn More About this Modern-Day Slavery Did you know that human trafficking is the second-largest criminal industry in the world, next to drug trafficking? It’s also the fastest growing criminal industry, generating roughly $150.2 billion yearly worldwide. According to the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report, nearly 25 million men, women, and […]

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National Hot Tea Month Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Start the Year Healthy and Happy This January! After stuffing our tummies with delicious foods from all those holiday parties, it makes perfect sense that we want nothing more than to detoxify our bodies first thing in January. No wonder it’s been designated as the National Hot Tea Month! If you think coffee is the […]

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National Write to Congress Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Want to Let Your Representative Know What You Think about a Certain Issue that Affects Your Community? If you have any local or national concerns that you’d like U.S. Congress members to address, or you simply want to thank a certain lawmaker for their service, January 3rd is your perfect opportunity to do so. It’s […]

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