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A Meaningful Use for Your Old Boat | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Are You No Longer Getting Anything of Value Out of That Vessel? Unlike motor vehicles that are used for regular commutes, boats are not common properties for most Americans. They are often seen as leisure vehicles rather than essential means of transport. That’s why parting ways with a worn-out boat may not be as hard […]

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Know How to Resolve Boat Engine Issues | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Know How to Resolve Boat Engine Issues! Owning a boat is a source of joy and adventure, allowing you to explore the open waters and create lasting memories. However, being a boat owner comes with responsibilities, including having your boat properly maintained to avoid potential issues. Like other vehicles with motors, boats can experience engine […]

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What You Can Do to Free Your Boat | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Beware of the Safety Risks! A boat runs aground when the water becomes too shallow for it to float, leading to potential damage to its hull, propeller, and other components. In addition to the cost of repairs, getting the vessel towed to safer grounds can be a hassle. When your boat runs aground, it poses […]

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Inspecting Your Boat After a Storm | Breast Cancer Car Donations

9 Important Things to Remember In the aftermath of a natural disaster like a storm, the first thing you need to do is to check for the safety of your family and friends. Once everyone is secure, it’s time to assess any potential damage to your property, including your boat, if you have one stored […]

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Steps to Donating a Boat Trailer Without a Title | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Yes, You Can Donate a Boat Trailer Even with a Missing Title! Do you have a boat trailer that’s been sitting unused and just gathering dust in your backyard? If you want to get rid of it, donating it to a worthy cause is a great option. But what if you don’t have the title […]

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You Can Donate a Boat Even Without a Title | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Yes, You Can Donate a Boat Even Without a Title! If you’re a boat owner with a vessel that has been sitting idle for years, you once probably considered donating it to a charitable cause. However, the lack of a title might have led you to dismiss the idea, resulting in the boat continuing to […]

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Is It Time to Retire Your Beloved Vessel | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Is It Time to Retire Your Beloved Vessel? The wind in your hair, the sound of waves crashing against the hull, and the thrill of exploring uncharted waters — being a boat owner brings many joyful moments. However, even a beloved boat has a lifespan, and there comes a time when you’ll have no choice […]

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Why Car Trade-In Value Is Lower Than Market Value | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get to Know the Reasons Behind the Disparity Ever wondered why the trade-in value of your car falls short of its market value? It’s like settling for a lukewarm coffee instead of a piping hot brew. Understanding the reasons behind this disparity is crucial for anyone considering an upgrade or selling their beloved vehicle. To […]

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Fair Market Value | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get to Know Its Relevance and How It Can Influence Your Decision to Donate Your Car If you’re considering donating your car, you may have come across the term “fair market value” but are unsure about its meaning and importance. You’re not alone in this. Many vehicle owners are unaware of the significance of fair […]

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Wondering Why Tax Deductions Are Important | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Wondering Why Tax Deductions Are Important? Do you have an unwanted car sitting in your garage, taking up space and collecting dust? You probably want to get rid of it, but in such a way that would make you feel good — like donating it to charity to make a difference in people’s lives while […]

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