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Tea Selection | Breast Cancer Car Donations

The 5 Most Popular Types of Teas Around the World Without a shadow of a doubt, Americans love their tea. In 2018, records show that 159 million Americans consumed an average of 3.8 billion gallons of tea. Tea provides us a calming antidote to a stressful day and also health benefits that minimize our risks […]

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Giving Out White and Pink Flowers | Breast Cancer Car Donations

3 Best Reasons Why Giving Can Change Your Life Most people feel good about being on the receiving end of generosity. Although this isn’t a bad thing, the one who’s giving something away always gets the most benefits, studies show. They show that the act of giving can have a significant impact on an individual’s […]

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Healthy Road Trip Snacks | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Healthy Summer Road Trip Snacks to Pack You got to admit — summer isn’t complete without an exciting road trip. It’s pretty much the perfect season to explore places you’ve never seen before, head to a faraway beach, or visit your relatives who live in another town. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your loved […]

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Relaxing in a Hammock | Breast Cancer Car Donations

6 Good Reasons Why Living a Simple Life Is Good for You Most people would jump at the chance to have a big house, a nice car, a huge bank account, designer outfits, and expensive gadgets. However, living in a fast-paced world that’s driven by consumerism can quickly cause people to lose sight of the […]

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Person Showing a Big Laugh | Breast Cancer Car Donations

6 Ways to Put a Smile on Your Face on Cheer Up the Lonely Day this July 11th Being lonely isn’t the same as being alone. It’s possible for a person to feel aching pangs of loneliness no matter how many people are physically around them. Conversely, it’s also possible for someone who is physically […]

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Person Holding a Cup of Tea | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get to Know the Reasons Behind the Popularity of this Delicious Drink This may come as a surprise to you: Americans love tea just as much as the British do. While people in the U.S. don’t necessarily hold tea parties or take tea breaks regularly, statistics confirm that on an average day, 159 million Americans consume […]

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Anxious Woman Looking at a Glass Window | Breast Cancer Car Donations

6 Long-Term Effects of Anxiety on Your Body It’s perfectly natural for anyone to experience anxiety from time to time because it’s how your body normally reacts to stress. This kind of reaction starts in a specific area in your brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for sending signals of distress to your hypothalamus. […]

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Mother and Child Connection | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Spend More Time with Your Kids this Purposeful Parenting Month of July Whether you like it or not, discipline plays a major role in the process of raising your children. If you intend to practice purposeful parenting, you need to understand that a kid who develops behavioral patterns that hurt them and the people around […]

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Blueberries on a White Table | Breast Cancer Car Donations

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Blueberries Celebrate National Blueberry Month this July! Did you know that blueberries used to be very hard to find? Unlike today, they weren’t typically grown on farms, and the only way for people to get their hands on them was to go to areas where blueberries naturally grew. […]

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Plastic Bag Full of Garbage | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Ditch Those Plastic Bags for Good to Mark International Plastic Bag-Free Day on July 3rd! If you’re thinking of ditching those plastic bags for good, the best time to do so is on July 3rd when the world marks International Plastic Bag-Free Day. Make use of the occasion to educate yourself about the negative effects […]

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