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Autumn Morning in the Woods | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Learn These Amazing Facts About the Start of the Fall Season Autumn equinox is one of the two times in a year when the length of day and night is nearly equal in length. This year, the day falls on September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s the date when the Sun crosses the celestial […]

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People Asking Questions on a Doctor | Breast Cancer Car Donations

You Need to Know All the Relevant Information About This Procedure If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the ways to treat it would be through a surgical procedure called a mastectomy. In the past, the standard way to treat breast cancer would often be through a radical mastectomy. This method surgically removes […]

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People Holding Peace Symbol | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Become an Agent of Peace on September 21st Every year, the United Nations leads the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace on September 21st. On this day, world leaders are encouraged to renew their commitment to strengthening the ideals of peace and observe at least 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. Apart from wars […]

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Woman Enjoys Music | Breast Cancer Car Donations

These 6 Items Should Be Part of Your Kit With a lot of things going on in your life, you might feel that finding some quiet time to relax and care for yourself is next to impossible. Contrary to popular belief that self-care is a luxury that only a few can afford, it is actually […]

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Medical Personnel Talking To The Patient | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Simple Things You Can Do to Ease the Burdens of Surgery Mastectomy is a surgical procedure to remove cancerous breast tissue or to prevent breast cancer. It is typically done if there are cancer cells found in a patient’s breasts. Some patients also opt for this procedure as a preventive measure due to their high […]

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Grilling Beef on Tailgating | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get the Most Out of Your Tailgating Experience! It doesn’t matter if you’ve already purchased your season tickets or bought your favorite team’s merch. You can’t really say that you’re ready for football season unless your car’s tailgating kit is fully stocked with the right items. If you want to get the most fun out […]

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Car Parked in Fall Season | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get Your Car Winter-Ready this Fall! Are you ready for winter driving? You wouldn’t want to face the challenging weather and driving conditions unprepared. Before temperatures drop and begin to affect your vehicle’s performance, you’ll need to get your car maintenance done in the fall. Your most routine drive can quickly become a dangerous one […]

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Car Battery | Breast Cancer Car Donations

7 Simple Steps To Fix Car Battery Corrosion A corroded car battery can prevent your car from starting, which is frustrating especially if you’re rushing for work. It can also lead to a few other problems such as damage to your vehicle’s electrical wiring and air conditioning. The good thing is that you can quickly […]

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Kids Enjoy Washing Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

10 Steps to Make Your Clean Car Sparkle Everybody knows that keeping their set of wheels clean through regular washing is one of the best ways to ensure that it looks better for longer. However, not everyone takes time to do so. If you want to maintain your vehicle’s value, you’ll want to prevent signs […]

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Woman Stretches at Home | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How You Can Stay Active While Undergoing Treatment Many doctors recommend exercise for breast cancer patients, saying this is a great way for them to remain healthy while undergoing treatment. Time and time again, exercise has been proven to bring health benefits to those going through chemotherapy. Many breast cancer survivors often talk about how […]

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