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Shaking Steering Wheel 5 Possible Causes | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How to Fix This Issue and Improve the Handling of Your Car When you’re driving, your safety should be your top priority. That is why you should stay alert for whatever changes you notice in your car’s performance. One of the clearest indicators that something is amiss with your auto is a shaky steering wheel. […]

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3 Money-Saving Driving Tips | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Here’s How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket Whether you’re planning an exciting trip to your favorite destination or you’re looking to pay off your vehicle sooner, saving a few dollars here and there can add up to thousands in a year. If you’re looking to save on your car expenses, it’s best to […]

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How to Save Money at the Gas Pump | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Ways to Save Money on Gas Like most people, you probably love your car but hate the cost of gas. It doesn’t matter if the prices at the pump are holding steady, rising, or falling — fueling up remains a household budget buster. Luckily, you can do a few things to fight back. If […]

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How to Prolong the Life of Your Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get the Most Out of Your Car! Car maintenance is probably the last thing on your mind if you’re driving a brand-new car. However, if you’re looking to get the most out of that vehicle, you’ll want to do what you can to keep it on the road for a long time.   4 Care […]

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How to Properly Inspect Your Oil | Breast Cancer Car Donations

6 Easy Steps for Checking Your Car’s Lifeblood Oil is the lifeblood of all motor vehicles. It’s the vital liquid responsible for lubricating the moving parts inside the engine and keeping the engine from overheating. It also prevents dirt from building up inside the engine. Maintaining the quality and volume of oil in your engine […]

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Keep Your Car from Rusting this Winter | Breast Cancer Car Donations

3 Easy Fixes to Keep Your Car from Rusting this Winter When winter arrives, many car owners get ready to perform various car maintenance tasks to prepare their vehicles for the harsher weather conditions brought by the drop in temperature and the snow. The tasks include protecting the car’s exterior, changing fluids, replacing wiper blades, […]

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Does Car Insurance Cover Salt Damage | Breast Cancer Car Donations

When Does Your Policy Cover Rusting and Corrosion? One commonly ignored car problem during winter is corrosion from salt that’s applied on roads to melt the ice. While car owners focus on protecting their vehicles from the ice and snow, they often forget about the rusting and corrosion that can happen with continued exposure to […]

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Keep Your Car Cleared of Ice and Snow This Winter | Breast Cancer Car Donations

The Task Gets Much Easier with These 5 Tips! With winter upon us, car owners face the arduous task of clearing ice and snow from their vehicles each time it snows heavily. It’s a task they cannot afford not to do. It takes some know-how to effectively clear ice and snow from an auto. Doing […]

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Winterize Your RV - Simple Steps to Protect Your Rig | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Ward Off the Harsh Effects of the Cold Season! Your RV takes you on epic road trips during the spring and summer months. While these road trips take a back seat during the colder season, you still need to protect your rig against potential damage brought on by the long winter months. Winterizing it will […]

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Frozen Car Door Locks | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Defrost Those Locks in Record Time with These Tips! Imagine this scenario: You’re already running late for work, but your car door won’t open because it’s frozen shut. It’s a hassle that many car owners have to deal with during the long winter months. You don’t have to lose your cool over it though because, […]

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