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Who Needs to Get the Flu Shot | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get Vaccinated if You Belong to a High-Risk Group Although influenza viruses circulate throughout the United States all year-round, the flu activity peaks between December and February in most areas. In other words, a large number of people get the flu sometime during the fall and winter seasons. If you don’t think that you need […]

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Replacing Brake Pad | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Don’t Ignore These 5 Warning Signs They may seem minor to you, but your car’s brake pads help keep you and your passengers safe on the road. It’s crucial to check them as part of your regular car maintenance. Replacing your brake pads when they’re already worn out can potentially save you a pretty sum […]

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What Are Fibroadenomas of the Breast

Do You Feel Small, Movable ‘Marbles’ Under Your Skin? It’s easy for a woman to panic when she discovers a breast lump. However, not all tumors found in the breast are cancerous. One of the most common types of benign or non-cancerous tumors is fibroadenoma. Fibroadenomas may feel like small and movable marbles underneath the […]

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Drive in Heavy Rain | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Learn How to Drive in Heavy Rain Anyone who has driven a vehicle during a downpour would know how heavy rain brings tough challenges. Aside from the wet roads making it more difficult to stop the car, seeing through a rain-splattered windshield can almost be an impossible task. For this reason, rainy conditions have always […]

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Regular Cleaning on a Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

With Proper Maintenance, Your Car Can Go Past 200K Miles Motor vehicles used to have an average maximum life expectancy of 100,000 miles. However, today’s cars are built to last longer. Higher standards and advanced technology enable manufacturers to make more durable vehicles, resulting in an improvement in their maximum life expectancy. This is great […]

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Man Changing Car Tire | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Changing a Flat Tire Getting a flat tire is a frustrating experience for any driver, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere with no one to call for help. It’s a common occurrence, and almost all drivers have experienced it. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to change a […]

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Reasons for Giving a Shelter Animal a Home | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Save the Life of a Rescued Animal! During the onset of the pandemic, the rate of pet adoptions reportedly saw a boom in the United States. As people were prompted to shelter in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, individuals and families turned to furry friends for companionship. A recent survey made by […]

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Wonderful Reasons for Planting Trees | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Celebrate the Beauty and Value of Trees! Trees are important in the preservation and protection of Mother Nature. They provide oxygen, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve the soil, and support various types of wildlife. The need to preserve and protect our trees comes into focus on the last Friday of April each year as […]

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Why Your Car Shakes At High Speed | Breast Cancer Car Donations

A Vibrating Car Is a Clear Sign of a Problem Drivers experience discomfort when they feel weird vibrations while driving at high speeds. Some are forced to stop their vehicles for fear they might get into an accident. If you experience such vibrations while driving, this only goes to show that there’s something wrong with […]

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How to Check the Oil Level in Your Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Do This to Avoid a Catastrophic Engine Failure Since oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle’s engine, those who don’t bother to check if their vehicle is running low on oil are making a terrible mistake that could potentially lead to catastrophic engine damage. Bear in mind that oil provides lubrication for the engine’s moving […]

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