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Woman in the Ocean Sunset | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Why Does Hair Loss Happen When Going Through Chemo? An individual who’s been diagnosed with breast cancer goes through many challenges. Amid their emotional distress and physical discomfort, they have to undergo chemotherapy, a medical procedure that seeks to eliminate cancer cells from their system. Adding to their misery, breast cancer patients lose their hair […]

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MRI Personel Operating the Machine | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How Is a Person Diagnosed with Breast Cancer? When malignant cancer cells form a tumor in an individual’s breast tissues, that person has breast cancer. In the United States alone, one in eight women is expected to be diagnosed with this disease within the course of her lifetime. Breast cancer happens to be the most […]

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Hour Glass with Pink Sand | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How Long Does It Take for Breast Cancer to Spread? Are you aware of the fact that on average, a woman finds out that she has breast cancer every two minutes and one woman dies of this disease every 13 minutes? Knowing this, it’s no wonder why breast cancer has become the second leading cause […]

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Woman with Christ the Redeemer Tattoo | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Your Basic Guide to Mastectomy Tattoos Right after a mastectomy procedure, breast cancer patients are given a number of options for their breast area. These include getting implants or breast prosthesis, undergoing the traditional breast reconstruction surgery, having their areolas tattooed, or choosing to do nothing about their new appearance by settling on a flat […]

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Woman in Extreme Stress | Breast Cancer Car Donations

World Mental Health Day: Basic Mental Health Facts One of the reasons why people with mental illness often refuse to seek treatment is because of the stigma associated with it. They fear the thought of being ridiculed and viewed as crazy or eccentric. As for others, they don’t believe that something’s actually wrong with them, […]

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Sad Woman on a Street | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day: Learning More about the Most Advanced Stage of Cancer Every 13th of October, the nation observes Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, an annual campaign that seeks to educate the public about metastatic breast cancer – the most advanced stage of cancer. The entire month of October is actually observed as […]

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Towels, Lemons, and Skin Care Products | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Top Tips on What to Put in a Chemo Care Package Do you have a loved one who’s undergoing chemotherapy? If you have, it’s a good idea to give them a chemo care package to make life easier for them. Chemo care packages can be likened to the packages that you received from your folks […]

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Woman Wearing Off-Shoulder Shirt | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Guide to Chemo Clothes: Where to Buy Comfy Ones Chemotherapy requires the use of ports, which are basically like artificial veins for catheters or tubes. Since they are surgically implanted just below the collarbone, it’s important for cancer patients to wear clothing that’s comfortable and convenient. Clothes that make it easily accessible for ports are […]

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Breast Reconstruction Procedure | Breast Cancer Car Donations

What’s the Best Type of Breast Reconstruction for Me? If you’re planning to get breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, you might find yourself wondering which type should be the most ideal for you. While your doctor may have discussed all the available options for you, it’s still a good idea to do your own research […]

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Woman Relaxing Under the Sunlight | Breast Cancer Car Donations

World Menopause Month: 6 Facts about Menopause Everyone Must Know Hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, sleep problems, and irregular periods — these are just some of the signs that a woman is about to enter her menopausal phase, which also means the end of her fertility cycle. Hitting menopause can be such a huge […]

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