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Hand Washing in Public | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Healthy Habits to Keep Even After the Covid-19 Pandemic Even after the Covid-19 pandemic dies down, it’s still crucial to continue practicing those healthy habits we’ve learned to live with. They were able to protect us from the deadly and highly infectious novel coronavirus, which means that they are effective in warding off diseases. That […]

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Purple Pipette in the Lab | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How Hormonal Therapy Can Treat Breast Cancer Women have two types of hormones present in their bodies — estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play essential roles in a woman’s body. They are responsible for a woman’s menstrual cycle and help promote the sexual characteristics that define the female gender. Unfortunately, these same hormones act as […]

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Bread and Hummus | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Pack Your Child’s Meals Like a Pro With Good Meal Planning As we say goodbye to summer, it’s time for parents to get themselves and their kids ready for another school season. If you’re raising a kindergartner or a 3rd grader, meal planning should be a priority. Not only will you be able to save […]

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Woman Alone in the Room | Breast Cancer Car Donations

7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You Have Cancer Knowing how to take care of yourself while you’re battling cancer is as important as having a strong support system behind you. Remember that your family and close friends won’t always be there to attend to your needs since they’re living busy lives. That […]

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Woman Stressed During Quarantine | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Quarantine Exhaustion: Tips to Maintain a Healthy Mental Well-Being After months of staying locked up in our homes due to the mandatory stay-at-home order issued by state authorities, it’s not surprising for some people to experience quarantine exhaustion. The Covid-19 pandemic has been causing people to feel anxious and fearful for their lives, and the […]

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Woman Experiencing Fatigue | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How to Manage the Side Effects of Radiation Therapy Cancer treatments are known to bring a ton of side effects on patients, and radiation therapy is not an exception. If you’re currently undergoing the treatment, you might be experiencing feelings of mild discomfort. That’s normal. The good news is, there are several things you can […]

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Toddlers Learning at School | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Questions to Ask Your Child in the First Week of School Asking your child about school is important, especially in the first week of a new school year. It’s what any good parent would do to assess how their kid is faring in school. Knowing that they’re enjoying their classes and having fun with their […]

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People in Construction | Breast Cancer Car Donations

What Labor Day on September 7th Is All About Labor Day is more than just a summer holiday with lots of exciting parties and spectacular light shows. It’s a special day that honors all workers in the United States for the contributions they’re making to the companies where they work for and to our nation’s […]

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Person Having Coffee While Reading | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Lose Yourself in a Story on National Read a Book Day this September 6th! It doesn’t matter if you’ve loved reading since you were five or if you’ve only come to appreciate this hobby when you turned 50. Once you crack open a book and lose yourself in a story, you’ll unlock a part of […]

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Car Donations | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Experience the Joy of Giving on the International Day of Charity this September 5th! If you’re looking for a meaningful way to help your community become a better place for everyone living there, think about donating something valuable to a local charity that serves the people in your area. Doing so will allow you to […]

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