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Man in Black Jacket Cleaning the Seat of a Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

4 Dirtiest Parts of Your Car and How to Sanitize Them If you’re using your car every day, consider it a priority to regularly clean its exterior and interior. The findings of a recent study should compel you to do this. In that study, researchers found that more germs can be found inside a typical car […]

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Magnifying Glass and an Insurance Document | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Insuring Your Car? Get the Best Value for Your Money with the 6 Tips We Have Here! With plenty of options to choose from in insuring your car, deciding which insurance company to partner with could be quite confusing. Aside from looking for the insurance company that offers the most attractive deal, you should also […]

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Coffee Beans on White Ceramic Cup | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get Rid of Those Foul Odors by Putting These Items Inside Your Car! Keeping your car smelling fresh is a challenge, especially if what you’re driving is already quite old. As vehicles grow older, maintaining their condition takes a little extra effort. You don’t have to resign yourself to driving a car that smells bad […]

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Reasons Why You Have Noisy Engine | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Those Strange Noises Are the Voice of Your Engine Crying Out for Help! Have you noticed your engine making strange noises when you start it? Does it sputter and wheeze or sound like a helicopter about to take off from your garage? These noises are not just embarrassing but alarming as well. They’re not just […]

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Common Reasons Why Your Tires Are Wearing Unevenly | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Do You Want Better-Performing Tires and a Safer Drive? One of the common issues encountered by car owners is uneven tire wear. This can become a major issue because it compromises your auto’s performance. Not only does it affect the handling of your car, but it also shortens the lifespan of your tires. That’s why […]

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Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Warning Lights | Breast Cancer Car Donations

3 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Pay Attention to Those Lights All cars come with dashboard warning lights. Most of these lights alert drivers that something’s wrong with their vehicles, while others simply remind them about their cars’ maintenance schedules. Nonetheless, it’s important to pay attention to each one of those warning lights. They’re […]

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Benefits of Tire Rotation | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Why Should You Rotate Your Tires Regularly? As with other routine car maintenance appointments, tire rotation should be performed regularly to ensure that your tires will last for a long time. However, that’s not the only reason why you need to get your tires rotated periodically. Breast Cancer Car Donations points out the following benefits […]

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5 Super Easy Ways to Fix Scratches on Your Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Those Scratches Don’t Have to Be Permanent! Whether you’ve just bought that sleek new car or have been using it for years, scratches are bound to happen. No matter how well you take care of your vehicle or how much you spend on scratch-resistant paint, you can’t avoid unexpected accidents that could leave marks on […]

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Starter Motor Failure - 5 Early Signs | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Don’t Wait Until the Problems Get Worse Before Taking Action Like humans, cars have their way of showing signs of sickness. Sometimes, the symptoms are not quite obvious, but there are times when the signs are so clear that you won’t mistake them for anything else. Problems with the starter motor fall into the earlier […]

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How to Take Care of Your Car Tires | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Tire Care Tips You Should Know Tires comprise the most critical parts of any vehicle. Since they affect the handling and quality of a ride, they help in ensuring the driver’s safety on the road. For this reason, drivers should keep their tires in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, tire care isn’t on everyone’s list of […]

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