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Buying Best Deals in Holiday | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Top Tips for Staying Safe and Landing the Best Deals Things are bound to be different this year as millions of Americans celebrate the year-end holidays. With pandemic protocols still in place, the public is still advised to avoid large crowds and to steer clear of public gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This […]

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Brass-colored Keys With Fob | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Donate Your Car by December 31st to Get Your Tax Deduction Early Next Year December is the best time to spread kindness and compassion to less fortunate individuals in your community. Lending them a helping hand is a meaningful way to celebrate the holidays. Incidentally, it’s also the best time for you to grab the […]

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Woman Taking a Phone Call | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Reconnect with Your Best Friend on December 28th As your life gets hectic in the daily swirl of work, other activities, and family life, you’d probably consider yourself lucky if you could see your best pal once every couple of months. With the pandemic still going on and social distancing being encouraged, it’s even a […]

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People in a Meeting Wearing Face Masks | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Mask in Public It has long been proven that the novel coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, or even breaths. That’s why healthcare experts continue to remind people to always wear masks outside their homes. However, instead of being a health issue, wearing a […]

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Thank You in a Notepad | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Make Someone Feel Special on December 26th When was the last time you let someone know how grateful you were for their generosity, hospitality, support, help, or presence in your life? Do you still remember how that moment made you feel? Although “thank you” is a mere combination of two simple words, it can have […]

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Christmas Day at Home | Breast Cancer Car Donations

There’s No Place Like Home on December 25th Instead of celebrating this year’s holidays with your relatives, perhaps your extended family has decided to celebrate individually — at home. As we live through an era of social distancing, you may feel like this Christmas isn’t going to be as jolly as the previous ones. Have […]

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Christmas Eve with Friends | Breast Cancer Car Donations

December 24th Sees These Wonderfully Weird Traditions Different people have different ways of celebrating Christmas Eve. These traditions could be anything from setting out cookies and milk for Santa before going to bed or feasting over delicious home-cooked meals until the wee hours of Christmas morning. Whatever your Christmas traditions maybe, your holiday celebration won’t […]

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Dinner Party with Friends | Breast Cancer Car Donations

This Anti-Consumerism Holiday Takes Place on December 23rd The Festivus is a welcome reprieve to anyone who has grown tired of the commercialism and pressures of the Christmas season. If you’ve grown weary of the usual holiday celebrations and you happen to love Seinfeld, then this is the perfect holiday for you.   The Origins […]

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Person Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Use This Handy Checklist for Your New Normal Get-Together With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming over the land, holiday traditions like parties and get-togethers are taking on new forms. In the absence of face-to-face gatherings, many people are planning virtual parties instead of traditional reunions and social events. However, even though the events are virtual, […]

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Sunrise in Winter | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Fill Your Senses with the Beauty of Nature on December 21st! Did you know that the word solstice is Latin for “Sun set still”? In astronomical terms, this is the time when one of the Earth’s two poles is at its maximum tilt toward or away from the Sun. In every calendar year, two solstices […]

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