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Woman Preparing Her Oatmeal Breakfast | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Discover the 5 Amazing Benefits of Oatmeal on National Oatmeal Month January is National Oatmeal Month! This means that you can enjoy a good bowl of oatmeal at breakfast, lunch, or even dinner without feeling guilty about it! Since this is celebrated in the middle of winter, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a warm […]

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Woman Serving Soup | Breast Cancer Car Donations

National Soup Month: Top 5 Benefits of Soup There’s nothing like a nice, warm bowl of soup to shake off those winter blues. Whether it’s savory chili, your favorite chicken noodle, or your mom’s famous beef stew, you’ll have the whole month of January to indulge yourself with it because it’s National Soup Month! It […]

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Fresh Grape Fruits for New Year | Breast Cancer Car Donations

6 of the World’s Most Famous New Year’s Traditions Are you excited to ring in the coming year? Whether you plan to welcome New Year’s Day at home with your loved ones or in another corner of the world, you probably have your own way of celebrating this wonderful annual event. In fact, almost everybody […]

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Woman Holding a Sparkler on New Year's Eve | Breast Cancer Car Donations

4 Tips for Spending New Year’s Eve with a Loved One Who Has Breast Cancer What better way to start another year than by celebrating New Year’s Eve surrounded by friends and loved ones? As another year ends, there’s nothing more important than capping off the previous year with a big smile, good food, and […]

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Friends Goofing Around | Breast Cancer Car Donations

3 Reasons Why Calling an Old Friend Could be an Awesome Idea Do you believe that a life that’s being lived to the fullest is one that’s constantly bustling with activity? The average person doesn’t do anything much outside of their daily routine. Like clockwork, most of us get up, come to work, go home, […]

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Christmas Love | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Helpful Things You Can Do to Bring Christmas Cheer to Someone with Cancer Now that Thanksgiving is over, a lot of people throughout the country are getting themselves ready to celebrate a truly merry Christmas with the most important persons in their lives. However, what if you have a loved one who has just […]

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Seven Candlesticks | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Interesting Facts About Hanukkah That You Might Not Know Have you ever wondered what Hanukkah is all about beyond the fried foods and menorahs? Before you say, “Chag sameach!” which means, “Happy Hanukkah!”, Breast Cancer Car Donations encourages you to take a closer look at this Jewish holiday when Jews from around the globe […]

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Winter Nature | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Curious Facts About the Winter Solstice You Need to Know With the holiday season bearing down on us, perhaps you’re just vaguely aware of the approaching winter solstice, It’s that astronomical event when we in the Northern Hemisphere experience the longest night and shortest day of the year while those in the Southern Hemisphere […]

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Drinking Tea | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Little-Known Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Did you know that December 15 is International Tea Day? Since its inception in 2005, this worldwide event is celebrated each year in tea-producing countries such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Uganda. Although International Tea Day was created to draw […]

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Love Not Hate | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Stand Up for Justice and Humanity During The Universal Human Rights Month! Countless people all over the world have had their rights trampled upon throughout the years. For this reason, the world observes Universal Human Rights Month in December of each year. The observance calls on people throughout the world to come together to stand […]

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