Get Your Taxes Ready – April 15th is Tax Day!

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Get Your Taxes Ready—April 15 is Tax Day

Tax Day is a very important day in our calendar since it is the due date for the filing of income tax returns to the IRS. This year, Tax Day falls on April 15 throughout the United States except in Maine and Massachusetts where the final day for the filing of income tax returns is on April 17.

To help you prepare for the big day, here are some useful details in the filing of your income tax return:

‘When can I start filing for my 2018 tax return?’

In case you’re not yet aware, the IRS started accepting tax return filings last January 28. You should have already received your W-2 form from your employer before you begin filing your taxes. Also, be sure that the form was filed and postmarked on or before January 31.

‘What are the requirements needed to submit my tax return?’

All you’ll need is a Wage and Tax Statement, or a W-2 form, from every employer you’ve had in 2018.

‘What if I work as a freelancer?’

In your case, you’ll need to submit 1099 forms.

It’s already mid-February and I still haven’t received my form. What should I do?

The first thing you must do is to contact your employer. You have two options—either obtain a copy or request them to resend it. If it’s still unsuccessful, you can reach the IRS at 800-829-1040, and provide the agency with the following details:

  • Name, address, Social Security number, and contact number
  • Employer’s name, address, and contact number
  • Dates you have worked for in your present company
  • An estimate of your federal income tax withheld and your paid wages during 2018

‘What happens if I still don’t have my W-2 form by April 15?’

You can submit Form 4852 instead, along with the estimation of your withheld taxes and wages. Another option is to file a six-month extension by using the IRS Free File here.

‘When can I receive my tax refund?’

In most instances, tax refunds are sent by the IRS within 21 days of filing. Once you’re done filing, you can check your tax refund status here.

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One way to reduce your tax bill is by opting for itemized deductions when you file your income tax return. One of several tax-deductible items is vehicle donation to an IRS-certified charity or nonprofit organization.

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