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How Do I Fill Out My Title When Donating My Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

‘How Do I Fill Out My Title When Donating My Car?’ After weeks of mindful deliberation, you’ve finally decided to part ways with your clunker by donating it to charity. A fantastic decision, we must say! Now that you’re ready to give away your old car to a worthy nonprofit organization, you’re bound to ask […]

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How Do Car Donations Tax Deductions Work | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How Do Car Donations’ Tax Deductions Work? Donating an old vehicle to a charity is a win-win situation for both donors and beneficiaries. Disadvantaged individuals and families can finally receive the assistance they badly need while generous donors are rewarded with handsome tax deductions. Plus, donors can get rid of their unwanted vehicles without having […]

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Consider Donating Your RV to Charity | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Planning on Downsizing? Consider Donating Your RV to Charity Are you attracted to the idea of downsizing? If so, consider donating your RV to charity. There are plenty of legitimate nonprofits all over the country that will gladly accept your RV donation with no hassle whatsoever. This way, you wouldn’t be stuck with the problem […]

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Types of Vehicles You Can Donate | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Did You Know that You Can Donate These 5 Vehicles to Charity? RVs, boats, golf carts, scooters, tractors, and more: Did you know that you can donate these 5 vehicles to charity? Aside from the common vehicles that we see every day on the road, a number of nonprofit organizations actually accept a wide range […]

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Top Holiday Road Trip Survival Tips | Breast Cancer Car Donations

6 Top Holiday Road Trip Survival Tips Every Parent Must Know If you’re planning to go on a road trip to grandma’s cottage with the kids, make sure that you know the 6 top holiday road survival tips to help you keep your sanity along the way. If you fail to properly prepare for a […]

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Reasons December is the Best Time to Buy a Car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Reasons Why December is the Best Time to Buy a Car Have you been contemplating to buy a new set of wheels? Well, it looks like you’re in luck. Apparently, December offers the best car deals and discounts, making it the perfect month for buyers. As with other retailers, car dealerships also need to […]

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Car gauge | Breast Cancer Car Donations

4 Key Maintenance Checks/Replacements at 100,000 Miles Interval Are you aware of the 4 key maintenance checks/replacements at 100,000 miles interval? When buying a brand-new car is not an option, people either keep their old cars longer—beyond the 100,000-mile mark—or they buy used ones that meet their budget and style. Of course, it can’t be […]

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Man washing white chevrolet car | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How to Get Your Car Ready to Donate: 5 Easy Steps You Need to Take Perhaps you have an unwanted vehicle that’s increasingly becoming an eyesore in your backyard. If you’re ready to let it go, you can donate it to Breast Cancer Car Donations where it will be used to save the lives of […]

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Fatigue girl sitting on a couch | Breast Cancer Car Donations

10 Early Breast Cancer Symptoms That You Shouldn’t Ignore As soon as you or any of your loved ones discover one or two of the early breast cancer symptoms, a visit to the doctor shouldn’t be delayed. A person is diagnosed with breast cancer when a malignant tumor forms in their breast tissues. This tumor […]

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Woman with cancer hugging a visitor | Breast Cancer Car Donations

10 Ways to Help a Friend With Breast Cancer Studies have shown that breast cancer patients who receive strong emotional support from their family and friends tend to adjust better to the changes that the disease brings to their lives. They have a more positive outlook on life. When a dear friend or family member […]

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