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Woman Working Out | Breast Cancer Car Donations

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: Live a Better Life Regular physical activity is great for everyone’s health regardless of age and body type. This needs to be underscored as the nation observes National Physical Fitness and Sports Month this May. Today is a great time to spread the word about all the good things […]

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Mental Health in Tiles | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Help Ease the Suffering of Breast Cancer Victims on Mental Health Month Mental Health Month is observed in the United States in the month of May. Since 1949, Mental Health America has been observing the occasion to spread the word that mental health is something everyone should care about. The observance of the month is also […]

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Bike up ready for work | Breast Cancer Car Donations

May 19 – Bike to Work Day: Why Moving the Body is Important Every start of a New Year, many of us make plans of losing weight and staying away from a sedentary way of life. Promises of becoming more aware of the importance of health and environment are always on top of our resolutions. […]

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Woman in a Support Group | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How to Find a Breast Cancer Support Group And Help Victims Survive the Deadly Disease A person diagnosed with breast cancer often finds strength by joining breast cancer support groups. These support groups help expand the assistance as well as the support network of their members. There are various forms of support groups, and they differ […]

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Parked Campervan along the Road | Breast Cancer Car Donations

‘How Do I Donate My Camper to Charity?’ Here’s The Most Fulfilling and Most Rewarding Way to Do It Take the first step in saving lives by finding out how to donate your camper to a charity that is dedicated to providing assistance to breast cancer victims. Your camper donation to Breast Cancer Car Donations can […]

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Medical Personnel Taking Blood Pressure to a Patient | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Help Save Lives on High Blood Pressure Awareness Month High Blood Pressure Awareness Month is promoted every month of May. High blood pressure is considered as one of the leading causes of death around the globe.   What is Blood Pressure? High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It is a term used when […]

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Young Woman enjoying nature this Spring | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Fun Things to Do This Spring: Participate in a Philanthropic Cause Springtime is here and it is time for a fresh start. To make this season extra special, consider planning some fun things to do. Whether what you’re planning is an indoor or an outdoor activity, keep it fun and alive. Here are some fun […]

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Vehicle towed away without any cost | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Looking for Free Vehicle Removal? Call Us, and We’ll Give You That Plus Other Car Donation Rewards If you’re itching to dispose of an old and unwanted vehicle in your garage, the best way to do it is to donate it to a charitable organization like Breast Cancer Car Donations. You will not only get free […]

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Father with his kids in a water fight | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Family Support Month: Show You Care Raising a healthy family is vital and needs a lot of hard work. Nearly everyone needs support at one time or another. These points need to be underlined as the United States observes Family Support Month, which is held every year in May. Every family is different, thus each […]

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Abandoned RV in the woods | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Donate an RV Near Me: How to Pick the Best Donation Program for You Are you tired of paying huge amounts for your camper’s insurance premiums? Do you find yourself burdened with financial woes from investing in an RV that you no longer want? If you’ve thought about getting rid of it, simply donating your vehicle […]

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