Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Chemotherapy

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Doing This Will Help Ease Your Anxiety and Tension

Undergoing chemotherapy can be very distressing, especially if it’s your first session and you have no idea what’s going to happen. Knowing key information about the treatment method is one of the best ways to help ease your anxiety and tension. You can do your research online, talk with anybody you know who had undergone chemo, or prepare a list of questions to ask your doctor.

Before your chemotherapy session begins, you and your cancer care team will be discussing the procedure — how it works, its benefits, and the potential risks that you might encounter. This would be the perfect time to voice out your concerns to give yourself peace of mind. Here’s a list of important questions you may want to ask your doctor:


  • Is chemo the best option for my condition, or are there other alternatives?
  • What is the goal of treatment?
  • What are the chances of chemo being effective?
  • Will the chemo be done in conjunction with another type of breast cancer treatment?
  • How will I know if the treatment truly works?
  • What happens if chemo doesn’t work?
  • Can you provide me any written information about the treatment?
  • How long can I wait before starting treatment?
  • Where will I get treated?
  • How long will I be at the clinic or facility for each treatment?
  • How many treatments will I receive?
  • Can I continue with my regular activities while getting chemo?
  • Can a family member or friend accompany me during treatment?
  • How much will my treatment cost? Will my insurance cover all my expenses?
  • Am I allowed to take other prescription or nonprescription medications while undergoing chemo? What about vitamins and/or supplements?


Chemotherapy Drugs and Side Effects

  • What drugs will you be administering and how often will I receive them?
  • How will they be given?
  • How will I feel during and after treatments?
  • What are the possible side effects of treatment? Will they develop immediately or gradually over days or weeks? How long do they usually last?
  • How can I manage each one of them?
  • Will you prescribe medications to help reduce some of these side effects?
  • When will I know that it’s time to contact your office?



  • Is there a diet plan that I should follow?
  • What foods and drinks are restricted?
  • Do I need to change my daily routine? What activities can I do and cannot do?
  • What types of exercise am I allowed to perform?
  • What are the ideal skincare products I can use?
  • Will my hair grow back? If so, how long do I have to wait?


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