Top Apps to Help Manage Your Breast Cancer

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Take Control of Your Breast Cancer Using These Apps

While you can always go to your oncologist whenever you have any concerns, having the right breast cancer apps on your phone could make things even easier for you. Many of these apps are designed to provide patients with answers to all of their questions. Others can help you organize and keep track of your appointments. You might also come across apps that allow you to connect with other cancer-stricken individuals as well as those who have survived their battle.

To help ease the stress and anxiety you’ve been feeling from your diagnosis, we at Breast Cancer Car Donations have rounded up 7 of the top breast cancer apps you can find online. Whether you’re looking for one that offers convenient tools and resources, or an app to simply lift your spirits, the options below won’t leave you disappointed.

This incredible app can make your road to recovery less burdensome. You can use it to record your ongoing symptoms, track your daily activities such as eating and sleeping, and remind you when to take your medications. Inputting these details will help your doctor provide the most effective treatment possible for you.

Voted as one of the best apps for managing breast cancer by Health Central, Breast Advocate provides evidence-based information and personalized recommendations based on your diagnosis and personal preferences. It educates you about your surgery and reconstruction options, offering access to the latest studies and expert opinions. You will be answering a series of questions about your cancer type and stage, after which an algorithm will suggest which treatment option would work best for you.

If you’re looking for a free app that helps you gain access to the best possible care without costing you a fortune, the app should be one of your top choices. The world’s largest social network for cancer patients lets you communicate directly with world-renowned experts and medical professionals who can quickly give you reliable information. Additionally, you can keep all of your records in the app to share with your cancer care team later on.

Exercise plays a vital role during chemotherapy or post-surgery, which is why we’re recommending this app. Breast Cancer Recovery focuses on creating a customized exercise plan for users who are undergoing chemo or getting over surgery. These programs are tailored based on your fitness level, fatigue, mood, and the side effects of treatment

Do you often forget about your meds? With CareZone in your phone, you won’t be having this problem ever again. This app simplifies medication management to make sure that users will always have a list of their medicines, dosages, and schedules with them wherever they go.

Developed in partnership with, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Men’s Health Network, this app helps cancer-stricken individuals manage their progression by providing easy-to-understand information about cancer treatments. Other useful features you will find include a glossary of common cancer terms, a questionnaire and personalized treatment report, a journal and calendar, and a list of questions to ask your doctor.

Meditation is a great way to fight stress and bring calmness to your mind and body. Whether you’re waiting for treatment or you’re having sleepless nights, this app will help you stay emotionally balanced, achieve restful sleep, and let go of negative feelings. It comes with more than 100 hours of guided meditation and deep soothing music.


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