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Mexicans doing Jarabe, Mexico's national dance | Breast Cancer Car Donations

May 05 – Cinco de Mayo: Celebrate Mexican Heritage With Car Donation to Save Lives of Breast Cancer Victims Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration that happens on May 5. It’s a Spanish word for the fifth of May. This day is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire of […]

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Riding Lawn Mower | Breast Cancer Car Donations

‘How Do I Donate My Riding Lawn Mower To Charity?’ Let Breast Cancer Car Donations Show You the Way Do you have a riding lawn mower that is already very old and rusty? Are you not using it anymore? Are you tired of this machine consuming so much space in your garage or backyard? Don’t you […]

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A Medical Personnel in a Laboratory | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Know the Stages of Breast Cancer and Help Fight the Disease with Your Car Donation When a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, doctors will seek to determine the stage of the disease or how far it has spread. It is important to know the stage because it will help determine the best option to contain […]

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Parked Black SUV on a street | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Top 5 Used SUVs to Watch Out For If you’re looking for the most reliable used SUV that’s easy on the pocket, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 5 used SUVs to lead you to your best choice! They’re all excellent in quality and proven to be selling well.   It Pays […]

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A person checking out some Support Forums online | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Top 10 Breast Cancer Online Support Forums: A Way to Empower Victims of the Disease Online support groups and forums are gatherings of people who share a common issue or interest. In the case of breast cancer online support forums, the members of the forums focus on specific topics related to the subject, sharing their experiences […]

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Types of Tax-Deductible Donations to help you save Money | Breast Cancer Car Donations

What Are the Types of Tax-Deductible Donations? Here’s What You Need to Know The old cliché that says, “It is better to give than to receive” suggests that when we give something valuable to someone, we should give it without expecting anything in return. The reasoning for this is that the feeling of satisfaction that giving […]

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Woman Working | Breast Cancer Car Donations

May 01 – May Day: A Time to Remember and Help Workers Suffering from Breast Cancer with Your Car Donations May Day is a public holiday that is usually celebrated on the first of May. It is considered as an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and a traditional spring holiday in a lot of cultures. The […]

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Celebrating Earth Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Earth Day: Save Mother Earth and the Lives of Breast Cancer Victims, Too! Earth Day is a worldwide event celebrated on April 22 every year. It is coordinated on a global scale by Earth Day Network (EDN) and is celebrated in over 193 countries annually – the world’s largest environment movement. Its main purpose is to […]

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Calculating the Minimum Donation Deduction | Breast Cancer Car Donations

What Is the Minimum Donation Deduction? Know the Rules on Contributions to Charity There are numerous personal reasons for making charitable donations. Indeed, it makes you feel good while at the same time enabling you to get a tax deduction. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has tightened the rules on charitable tax deduction, so it pays […]

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What is a 1098-C IRS-Form | Breast Cancer Car Donations

What is a 1098-C IRS Form? Know When to Attach or Not to Attach this Document in Filing Your Tax Return When you donate a vehicle to a charitable institution, you can claim a tax deduction, the amount of which depends on how much your vehicle was sold by the charity. If your vehicle was sold […]

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