5 Things to Include in a Chemo Care Package

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Help a Cancer Patient Cope with Chemotherapy’s Side Effects

While chemotherapy is an effective treatment against cancer, it can be both physically and mentally challenging for patients undergoing the procedure. Common side effects include nausea, fatigue, hair loss, and confusion. These make it hard for patients to go about their daily activities. The period when chemotherapy treatment is done can be a lonely and difficult time for them.

Making a chemo care package for a family member or friend on chemo treatment is one way you can help them cope with the side effects of the procedure. It’s a thoughtful way of showing them your support.

Your chemo care package should include items that you know the patient will love to have and will provide them comfort. The items need not be expensive. Just receiving a care package can mean so much for those going through chemo.

To help you make the perfect chemo care package, Breast Cancer Car Donations offers these five suggestions on the items that you should consider including:

1. Lotions or bath products

Since some types of chemotherapy can cause the skin to become dry or itchy, include lotions and bath items in your care package. Make sure to ask the recipient ahead of time if they’re allergic to specific ingredients or brands before you buy the products.

2. Books, magazines, and puzzles

Going through chemo can be pretty boring, and staying glued to a phone screen for long hours isn’t advisable. Books and magazines can help a patient pass their time during treatment while puzzles can make for great mental exercises.

3. Snacks and candies

Load up their care package with a variety of their favorite food items. They can munch on these on their way to chemo or after they’re done.

4. Lip balm

Dry, cracked, and painful lips are common chemotherapy side effects. Moisturizing lip balms are a good remedy to alleviate any discomfort that these side effects cause.

5. A handwritten note

Put your encouragement and support into words by including a handwritten note in your care package. Tuck this somewhere at the bottom of the package so they can save the best for last.


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