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Man Looking at His Storm-Devastated Hometown | Breast Cancer Car Donations

National Preparedness Month: Be Ready When Disaster Strikes Has anybody told you that September is National Preparedness Month? During this time, every one of us is reminded to take extra measures to prepare for emergencies, which include natural or man-made disasters. The government continues to strengthen the nation’s capability to prevent, respond to, recover and […]

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Electrocardiogram Test | Breast Cancer Car Donations

National Cholesterol Education Month: Know What to Do to Prevent Heart Disease Did you know that almost one-third of the adult population in the United States has high cholesterol? That figure translates to more than 102 million Americans! It’s no wonder that heart disease has been named as the No. 1 killer in our nation. If […]

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Man Suffering from Alcohol Addiction | Breast Cancer Car Donations

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Why Substance Abuse Needs to be Tackled More Seriously One of the biggest issues many Americans face today is substance abuse. Whether we’re talking booze or drugs, millions of our fellow countrymen and women have fallen victim to these addictive substances. As devastating as it may sound, many of […]

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Last-Minute Summer Getaway | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Last-Minute Summer Bucket List: Make it a Summer to Remember! If you’re one of those enthusiastic people who try to live life to the fullest, you may be carrying a bucket list with you. If not, we suggest you make one! It doesn’t have to be a long list; just things that you’ve always wanted […]

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The American Flag on a Labor Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Labor Day, September 3: Here’s How You Can Celebrate this Holiday in the Most Meaningful Way September brings so much significance for us Americans. Not only is it the start of a new school year for our young ones, but it’s also the month when we honor our citizenship and appreciate our grandparents. Moreover, it’s also […]

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Back-To-School on the Board | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Back-to-School Season: How to Restore Order after Carefree Days of Summer It’s back-to-school season once again. You know what this means? It’s yet another time to say goodbye to summer and reset our day-to-day routine back to the way it was. An exciting yet nerve-racking moment, the first day of school usually brings in the butterflies […]

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Celebrating International Bacon Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

International Bacon Day: How You Can Become a Hero on This Day Who doesn’t love bacon? With its savory taste and salty flavor, this meaty treat is the favorite of many. Bacon has become so popular that the world has come up with a special day dedicated to its existence—the International Bacon Day. This year, […]

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August 12, is the day to celebrate International Youth Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Making Young Heroes This International Youth Day Brace yourself for August 12 – International Youth Day! This is an important event focusing on our youth today who will soon be our leaders for tomorrow. Societal development depends greatly on how well we nurture our youngsters. On International Youth Day, we get to focus more on […]

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August 08, is the day for National Happiness Happens Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get Ready for August 08 – National Happiness Happens Day! Spread a great deal of joy on August 08 – National Happiness Happens Day! Have you taken the time to notice how much goodness happiness gives you and the people around you? When you’re happy, the blue sky seems bluer, you feel awesome, and you […]

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Simplistic Room Interior Design | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Make Your Life Easier on National Simplify Your Week (First Week in August) It’s a known fact that life could get messy at times, but on National Simplify Your Week (First Week in August), you’ll have a good excuse to making life easier even for a little bit. With the growing responsibilities at home and at […]

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