Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Car!

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8 Tips on How to Give Your Ride a Thorough Cleaning

With spring just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about what areas of your home and the rest of your property need a thorough cleaning. Here’s a quick reminder: Don’t forget your car!

Getting rid of the mess winter brought upon your ride should be at the top of your to-do list. Road salt, ice, and snow must have taken a toll on your vehicle.

Below are eight things you need to do to ensure your car is more than ready to take on the road when the warmer weather rolls in:

1. Wash the exterior.

The exterior is the best place to start when spring cleaning your car. You need to wash away all the dirty slush and road salt on it to prevent rusting. Use warm water, a car wash solution, and a sponge or soft microfiber cloth to get the job done. Wash gently. Then, rinse the surfaces using a hose and soft brush. Use a squeegee to remove water on your windows and windshield.

2. Replace your tires.

Now that winter is just about over, take those winter tires back off and put your all-season set back in. Have an auto mechanic do it for you if you need assistance.

However, if you used the same all-season tires during winter, give them a good scrub. Remove all the embedded dirt and grit using a stiff brush. Check for tire damage or tread wear. Don’t forget to check the tire pressure.

3. Take out the junk.

The cold winter weather might have gotten you into hibernation mode, which could explain all those crumpled napkins, drink bottles, and food wrappers lying around inside your car. Toss them into a garbage bag if you don’t want to scare away your passengers when they hop onto your vehicle.

4. Vacuum and clean the interior.

Uncover your seats and take out the floor mats for cleaning. Once you do that, you’d probably see dirt and crumbs everywhere. Vacuum every nook and cranny inside the cabin. Then, wipe the surfaces down with a wet microfiber cloth. Spray hard-to-reach areas like vents with compressed air to get rid of dust.

5. Look at the headlights.

Dirty headlights can produce hazy lights, making it difficult for you to see the road ahead at night. Take time to scrub off dirt and dead bugs sticking on the surface of those lights. Then, check if all your bulbs are still working properly.

6. Change your windshield wipers.

Many cars require new windshield wipers after winter or before heavy spring showers. Replace your old wiper blades with those designed to handle heavy rainfall. In case you replaced the wipers recently, simply clean off any grime on them using rubbing alcohol.

7. Scrub the mats.

After months of absorbing winter mud, debris, and slush from your shoes, your car’s floor mats are probably your car’s dirtiest accessories. That said, remove them and wash and scrub them as thoroughly as possible. You may use power washers for the best results.

8. Inspect under the hood.

That’s right, your engine cover should be a part of your spring cleaning, too. Mist it lightly with water to eliminate any loose dirt. Wipe all components with a degreaser, proceeded by a quick rinse. With your engine cover all dried up, apply protective finishes to any rubber, silicon, or plastic parts.


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Last Updated: March 10th, 2023