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Help Save Lives of Breast Cancer Victims with Your Akron, Ohio Car Donations

Despite continuing efforts to contain it, breast cancer remains a deadly and devastating beast that continues to claim more lives of Americans all over the country, including here in Akron, Ohio.

However, we at Breast Cancer Car Donations still hope that with the concerted action of all concerned sectors, including the public at large, breast cancer can still be tamed. That is why we are relentlessly pursuing our car donations drive all over the country, including the one here in the city.

Your participation in our Akron, Ohio car donations program will definitely be a big help in turning back the onslaught of breast cancer, increasing the chances of survival of breast cancer victims.

If you want to help ease the suffering of breast cancer victims and join the fight against this monstrous disease, donate your car to Breast Cancer Car Donations.


Why Contribute Car Donations in Akron, Ohio?

When you donate to our Akron, Ohio vehicle donation program, you will make a big impact on the lives of needy breast cancer patients and their families as well. The proceeds from the sale of your donated car will go directly to our non-profit partners that are the ones directly in the front line in the battle against breast cancer. They use the funding they get from Breast Cancer Car Donations to provide financial assistance to indigent breast cancer patients, boost research on breast cancer treatment, and spread breast cancer awareness among the public to facilitate treatment.

Our partners are America’s most notable and trustworthy breast cancer non-profit organizations. They are American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) and Women Involved In Nurturing, Giving, Sharing, Inc. (WINGS).


Resources in Akron, Ohio

Akron boasts a rich history and small-town charm. It’s home to several food firsts, including the hamburger and ice cream cone. Local attractions include the Akron Zoo, Lock 3 Park, Akron Art Museum, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, Akon Civic Theatre and more. Cuyahoga Valley National Park is another popular spot for residents and tourists alike since it features hiking trails, bike paths and a scenic railroad. 

The city is also home to some local cancer treatment centers. These include the Akron General McDowell Cancer Center on W Exchange Street and the Summa Health Cancer Institute on N Forge Street. These medical facilities offer best-in-class cancer treatment services. in fact, The Summa Health Cancer Institute treats more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer. 

Breast cancer treatment includes minimally invasive options to high-tech radiation therapy. The Summa Health Cancer Institute provides surgical treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and patient and family services. Summa Health also has a Breast Multidisciplinary Clinic and a High Risk Breast Clinic. It offers various types of breast cancer screenings, including 3D mammography, breast density, high risk screenings and breast cancer risk assessments. 

Care teams are comprised of oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, dietitians, advanced nurses, psychologists and other specialized support staff. These dedicated medical professionals provide individualized, compassionate care throughout each patient’s cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. 

The Akron General McDowell Cancer Center also has a Breast Health Center. It prides itself on providing rapid diagnosis for women with various breast issues, so they do not have to wait for answers. Breast issues may include lumps, discharge and abnormal findings. Those with breast cancer are assigned a Breast Health Navigator. These specially trained professionals provide support and education to patients. Additionally, Akron General provides patients with access to a variety of clinical trials, including pharmaceutical industry sponsored trials.


Benefits for Akron, Ohio Car Donors

Another great thing about contributing car donations for breast cancer is that you will receive substantial rewards for your generosity. Here are some of the benefits that await you:

  • Get rid of an old vehicle that you no longer need for free.
  • Avoid the hassle of selling your car.
  • Give space in your garage for your potentially new car.
  • Save money as you don’t need to have it repaired or pay your car insurance and registration.
  • We handle everything, including paperwork and towing services
  • Get that rewarding feeling, knowing you did something pretty spectacular for your fellow Americans.
  • Get a top tax deduction.

Types of Vehicles We Accept for Donation

We at Breast Cancer Car Donations accept vehicles of all sorts. We rarely turn down a vehicle donation. Even if the vehicle you’re donating is not running anymore because of some mechanical problems, even if its body has scratches and dents, we will most likely still accept it. What we don’t accept, however, are abandoned vehicles with no ownership, and those that have little or no value anymore because of extensive damages.

Here are examples of vehicles that we accept:

  • Common vehicles: cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, vans or minivans
  • Recreational vehicles: campers, trailers, five-wheelers, motorhomes, travel trailers, and toy haulers.
  • Motorcycles: standard motorcycles, cruiser, touring, sports bikes and scooters
  • Watercraft: boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, yachts, jet skis, sailboats, and motorboats
  • Special vehicles: golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, farm equipment, motorized wheelchair, and tractors

If you are not certain about the eligibility of the vehicle you intend to donate, give us a call or check out our accepted vehicles page.

Our Akron, Ohio Car Donations Process

We have a very easy, quick, and highly convenient process for car donations for cancer. All you need to do is to take that phone and give us a call at 866-540-5069 or fill our online donation form. We will need to gather a few details about yourself and the car you’re donating for both options. We will then schedule a convenient date and time for the pickup with your approval.

Before we tow your car, we will issue you a donation receipt that will allow you to legally cancel your car registration and insurance.

We will then auction off your car. Once the latter is sold, we will transfer the proceeds to our non-profit partners.

A few days later, we will send you by mail your tax-deductible sales receipt. The amount indicated there will serve as the basis of your tax deduction claim when you file your itemized tax return.

Get Ready to Donate!

Take part in our Akron, Ohio car donations program to help save the lives of breast cancer victims here in Akron, Ohio. Contact us at 866-540-5069 and donate a car for their benefit.

If you know someone from other parts in the U.S., spread the good news because we also do car donations in all 50 states! We serve the entire region, including nearby Canton, Cleveland and Youngstown.

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