Donate an RV Near Me

White and red Rv parked | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Donate an RV Near Me: How to Pick the Best Donation Program for You

Are you tired of paying huge amounts for your camper’s insurance premiums? Do you find yourself burdened with financial woes from investing in an RV that you no longer want?

If you’ve thought about getting rid of it, simply donating your vehicle to a reputable charity seems like the most practical and convenient way to do it. Think about it: Selling that ancient RV might take ages, especially when no one’s interested in buying your old vehicle. Plus, you can’t rely too much on people these days, with too many “potential clients” ending up as bogus buyers.

On the other hand, when you donate your RV, you’re not only doing it for a meaningful cause. In fact, you’ll also be getting attractive benefits, including a top tax deduction!

If you like the sound of that, let us help you look for RV donation programs near your area.


Find Out What Advocacy You Genuinely Care About

First things first: You must know what cause you want to take part in. Once you do that, go through a list of reputable organizations that support that cause.

After picking out a charity, learn more about it. Whether you’re all about helping impoverished families, or you want to provide a better life for mistreated animals, it really matters that you’re aware of the programs and goals of your chosen organization.


Check If Your Preferred RV Donation Program Has 501(C)3 IRS Status

To ensure that you will be getting tax deductions from your donation, check if the charity of your choice is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. You can look for its qualification by browsing through the IRS database here.


Learn about the Group’s Donation Process

Before you’ve fully decided to donate to a certain RV donation program, make sure that you’re familiar with their donation process. Ask about their towing services, as not all organizations offer free pickup. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re in for.


Ask About Any Restrictions

While there are programs that accept non-running or out-of-shape motorhomes, there are also others that only take fully functioning ones. If you’re planning to donate an RV that’s clearly in bad form, let them know about it first.


Be Wary of Scams

Nowadays, you can’t really trust a charity, unless it’s been around for a good number of years. To prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud organizations, be sure to look for your chosen nonprofit in any of the following watchdog sites: GuideStar Charity Check, Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, and Better Business Bureau Charities.


Donate an RV for the Benefit of Breast Cancer Victims

If you see your old motorhome as something that can be used in the fight against breast cancer, Breast Cancer Car Donations sounds like the perfect option for you.

With us, you won’t be experiencing any stress, and money won’t be a problem. We accept RV donations in all 50 states. Best of all, we guarantee you a significant amount of tax deductions!

If you’re still not convinced enough, check out how fast and convenient our donation process is:

  • You contact us by either calling us at 866-540-5069 or filling out our online donation form.
  • We ask you certain details about your RV, after which we schedule the free towing of your vehicle.
  • We send a tow truck over to your place for the pickup. We issue you a tow receipt that will relieve you from any liabilities on the RV you’re donating, allowing you to cancel your vehicle registration and insurance coverage and stop paying for them.

After we sell your RV, we mail you your tax-deductible sales receipt. Expect to receive it within 30 days after you made the donation. The receipt shows your donated RV’s final selling price that will serve as the basis of your tax deduction claim when you file your itemized federal tax return for the next tax season.

That’s it! Your no-longer-used vehicle finally becomes a vital tool in helping thousands of women in the country suffering from breast cancer. Contact Breast Cancer Car Donations at 866-540-5069 and get free towing service and a maximized tax deduction for your RV donation!