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San Lorenzo, California Car Donations: You Can Help in the Effort to Find Breast Cancer Cure

By giving away an old vehicle to our San Lorenzo, California car donations program, you make it possible for nonprofit organizations fighting breast cancer to pursue their search for ways to treat and cure breast cancer.

Did you know that breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the country next only to lung cancer? The disease has claimed thousands of lives and researchers are trying their best to find a remedy for it. Despite their efforts to do so, they still haven’t come up with better treatment options much less the ultimate cure for breast cancer due to lack of resources.

However, we at Breast Cancer Car Donations remain hopeful that with your support, a remedy for the deadly disease will someday be developed. We collaborate with reputable nonprofit organizations such as American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) and Women Involved in Nurturing, Giving, Sharing, Inc. (WINGS), both of which have the same goal of putting an end to this global scourge. By donating your unwanted vehicle to us, you empower these nonprofits to continue supporting needy breast cancer patients and pursue their research on stopping cancer.

When you take part in our San Lorenzo, California car donations program, you’ll be helping many women struggling with the disease. It would mean so much to them, as well as to their loved ones. So instead of selling your car, how about donating it to us for a meaningful cause?


How Does the Donation Process Work?

With Breast Cancer Car Donations, you won’t be worrying about going through a complicated donation process. Looking for an inexpensive towing service or dealing with loads of paperwork wouldn’t be a problem, as we’ll be the ones to handle everything. Because of your kindness, we want to make things simple and comfortable for you when you donate to us.

Once you’ve made the decision to put an old car of yours to our San Lorenzo, California car donations program, just let us know. You can either give us a quick call or fill out our online donation form. Share with us some details about your car, including its mileage and manufacturer. We will then arrange a date and place to tow your car away.

There’s no need for you to be around at the time of pickup if you have to be somewhere else.

We’ll generate funds by auctioning off your San Lorenzo, California car donations. The proceeds will enable our partner nonprofits to move further with their research.

To show you our gratitude, we’ll send you a donation receipt that will give you the option to cancel the registration and insurance of your car anytime you wish to.

Do you see what we mean by a simple donation process? For more information, you may check out our FAQs page here.


How Can I Benefit from Taking Part in Our San Lorenzo, California Car Donations?

Besides the fact that you get to experience a stress-free donation process, you also get to enjoy several other perks when you donate your car to us. By choosing Breast Cancer Car Donations as the recipient of your donation, expect a lot of good things to come your way. To let you know what we’re talking about, have a look at the list below:

  • Get a sense of fulfillment when you know that you’re making a change in the lives of breast cancer patients with your San Lorenzo, California car donations
  • Get a potentially huge tax deduction for your donated vehicle
  • Give your garage or driveway a whole new appearance
  • Save more money when you cancel your car’s insurance and registration details
  • Free yourself from the stress of going through the process of advertising or negotiating with annoying hagglers
  • Get rid of an idle car without spending a single dollar


What Vehicles Qualify for Breast Cancer Car Donations?

Breast Cancer Car Donations is open to accept many types of vehicles, including the ones that no longer seem to work properly. Donating a car that’s barely functioning is something you wouldn’t be worrying about, trust us. You can count on the tow truck we will hire to take care of it!

Whatever your vehicle is, regardless of its age or mileage, it’s more than welcome to have its place in Breast Cancer Car Donations. Whether you wish to give us a snowmobile that you no longer want, or a beat-up truck stuck in your garage, we’ll definitely be pleased to have it with us.

Here are examples of what we typically accept as San Lorenzo, California car donations:

  • Cars: convertibles, SUVs, vans, buses
  • Recreational vehicles: campers, travel and tent trailers, pop-up trailers, motorhomes
  • Motorcycles: dirt bikes, sports bikes, scooters
  • Aircraft: helicopters, airplanes, jet planes
  • Watercraft: motor boats, jet skis, yachts, cruise ships
  • Specialty vehicles: motorized wheelchairs, ATVs, farm equipment

Feeling anxious about us not accepting your car for our San Lorenzo, California car donations program? Reach out to us!

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Last Updated: February 22nd, 2023

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