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Donate Your Vehicle and Save Lives!

Donate Your Vehicle in Bakersfield and Give Life-Sustaining Support to Breast Cancer Patients

Donating a vehicle is an excellent way to support the campaign against breast cancer, a devastating disease that has claimed the lives of countless.

If you have an old vehicle that you no longer use and is just gathering dust in your garage or backyard, do consider donating it to us at Breast Cancer Car Donations

Breast Cancer Car Donations works tirelessly to enable our dedicated non-profit organization partners to provide life-sustaining services to uninsured and underserved women victimized by breast cancer. Our charity partners are also engaged in raising awareness about the symptoms of this terrible illness and in pursuing research on better ways to confront the disease and possibly find a sure-fire cure for it.


Reasons to Donate a Car in Bakersfield, California

Breast Cancer Car Donations offers substantial rewards for car donors. The following are some of the incentives for donating:

  • The donation process is fast, taking just a few minutes of your time.
  • Breast Cancer Car Donations pays for the pick-up and towing of the vehicle you’re donating.
  • You get to receive a handsome tax deduction for your donation.
  • You avoid the hassles of selling your car.
  • You don’t need to bother yourself with paperwork; we do that for you.
  • You save money by not paying any more for car repair, registration, and insurance.
  • You support a worthy cause that will give you a deep sense of personal satisfaction.
  • You give more space in your backyard or garage to house your new car.


What Types of Vehicles Do We Accept?

If you are not sure as to whether the vehicle you intend to donate is acceptable to us, we have good news for you: We accept nearly all types of vehicles and all makes and models. And since we pick up your vehicle as soon as you opt to donate it, you do not have to worry that it is not in running condition.

The types of vehicles we accept for donation in Bakersfield include cars, vans, sports cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, jet skis, riding lawn mowers, boats and even non-commercial airplanes. For the full list, see our accepted vehicles page here.


Just Three Easy Steps!

Let us know that you want to donate your car. We’d need your personal contact details, your vehicle’s year, make, model, mileage, availability of a title, and overall running condition as well.

  • Second, allow us to pick up your vehicle for free and at your preferred time and date.

A local professional towing company will tow your car, and we’ll be the one to pay for this. Your presence is not required on the day of pickup. However, please let us know where we could locate your vehicle’s title and keys inside your car. Before we leave, we will give you your donation receipt that will free you from all liabilities on the car, which means you can now cancel its registration and insurance coverage.

  • Third, receive your tax-deductible receipt by mail.

Within 30 days after we sell your car, we’ll send you this document that shows how much your vehicle was sold. You’ll need this to claim your maximum tax deduction once you itemize your deductions on your federal tax return


Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Donating a vehicle in Bakersfield is a great way to join the fight against breast cancer.

Contact us at 866-540-5069 or fill out the form below and experience the joy of giving to others. Donate today!

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