Winterize Your RV: 6 Simple Steps to Protect Your Rig

Winterize Your RV - Simple Steps to Protect Your Rig | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Ward Off the Harsh Effects of the Cold Season!

Your RV takes you on epic road trips during the spring and summer months. While these road trips take a back seat during the colder season, you still need to protect your rig against potential damage brought on by the long winter months. Winterizing it will ensure that your RV will be good to go once the sun shines bright again.

During winter, your RV will be subjected to colder or even freezing temperatures. The cold will particularly take its toll on the exterior of your road trip companion. To keep it in the best shape before the temperature takes a plunge, here are the things you need to do:

  1. Winterize your water system.

You don’t want your pipes to crack because of freezing temperatures during winter. The first thing you need to do is to turn the water heater off and then flush all of the water from your pipes. Open all the faucets while draining. Fill your water system with antifreeze and make sure that the antifreeze reaches all the faucets. Make sure that you also pour antifreeze into the drains to cover all bases.

  1. Remove your batteries.

Since you’re not going to use your vehicle for a while, it will be best to remove your batteries in the meantime and store it in a dry place. Don’t leave it on a concrete floor or it will discharge by the time you need it again. If you cannot remove your battery, disconnect the negative battery cable temporarily.

  1. Protect your vehicle’s exterior.

Apply wax to protect your car’s exterior from harsh weather conditions.

  1. Clean your awnings and AC filters.

Cleaning your awnings will protect them from the buildup of mold due to moisture. The same goes for your AC. Make sure the AC’s filters are clean and dry before you tuck your vehicle away for the winter.

  1. Use a dehumidifier.

Having your vehicle stuck up for months during winter makes it prone to mold and mildew. A dehumidifier can help minimize moisture buildup in your car’s interior.

  1. Cover your wheels.

Protect your wheels from the elements by covering them up. While other types of vehicles switch out tires for the winter, RVs only need to keep their wheels protected from the elements since they won’t be in much use during the cold season.

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