What To Expect In A Diagnostic Mammogram

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Learn How You Can Prepare Yourself for Your Diagnostic Mammogram

While screening mammograms are used to detect symptoms of early breast cancer, diagnostic mammograms are carried out when breast abnormalities have been discovered. These abnormalities can be in the form of a lump, breast tenderness, skin changes, or nipple discharge. The mammogram results will identify whether the changes are benign, or whether further treatment and tests are required.


Here’s What You Need to Do

To avoid confusing your X-ray results, be sure not to wear deodorant, perfume, ointment, lotion, or powder. Residues from cosmetics may appear as shadows in the images, thus requiring you to undergo another mammogram.

If you’re on your menstrual period, you should have the procedure done a week or two after. By this time, your breasts will no longer be tender, providing you with no more discomfort during the procedure.

If you have breast implants, inform the hospital or clinic ahead of time so they can schedule a longer appointment. The presence of implants can interfere with the images, which is why more time would be needed to obtain clearer views.


What to Expect

Before the procedure starts, the technologist will explain to you what’s going to happen. They may ask you several questions such as whether you’ve undergone mammograms or other breast procedures before and your family’s breast condition history.

The technologist will then ask you to undress from the waist up and remove any neck accessories that you might have. You will be given a cloth or paper gown to wear.

One at a time, your breasts will be placed between two plates. One plate will obtain the image while the other will compress your breast tissue. You’ll be instructed to compress tightly and flatten your breasts onto the plate to enable the machine to take high-resolution photos.

It’s not uncommon for women to feel pain or discomfort with the compression, but the good thing is that it only lasts a few seconds. Don’t hesitate to tell the technologist if you feel uneasy during the procedure.

Although rare, you might experience aftereffects such as breast tenderness or bruising. In case you notice bruises or minor splitting of your skin, let the technologist know so that adjustments can be made.

It normally takes 10 to 15 minutes for a standard diagnostic mammogram to complete. If there are extra views required, expect to wait a little longer. For women with breast implants, the procedure may take about 30 minutes or more.


Understanding Your Diagnostic Mammogram Results

The written report of your mammogram test will either be mailed to you or sent directly to your doctor. The time will vary depending on factors such as:

  • The complexity of the procedure;
  • The urgency with which the results are needed by your doctor;
  • Whether you’ve had prior X-rays or other medical imaging tests that should be compared with this procedure (usually done if you have a condition that’s being assessed); and
  • Whether the radiologist needs to obtain more information from your doctor before they can interpret the results.

If you still haven’t received the report after a few weeks, contact your health care provider. Also, be sure to consult with your doctor as soon as you have the report so they can explain to you the results of your diagnostic mammogram exam.


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