What To Expect In A Clinical Breast Exam

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Procedure Can Help Detect Signs of the Disease

One of the most effective methods in detecting early breast cancer is through a clinical breast exam. This procedure can detect the presence of lumps or other forms of abnormalities in a woman’s breasts. The earlier symptoms are found, the easier it is to treat cancer later on.

Clinical breast exams are done by doctors, nurses, or nurse practitioners. They will check your breasts for lumps, as well as the lymph nodes near your breasts to see any suspicious changes. Further diagnostic tests may be given once they discover any suspicious lumps.

Women aged 25 to 39 are recommended to undergo the exam every one to three years, while those who have reached 40 will need to take it once a year. Women with a family history of breast cancer are advised to take the exams more frequently. Breast exams are normally performed as part of wellness visits.


What to Expect

Before your health care provider examines your breasts, they will ask you personal health questions, including your history of menstruation and pregnancy. You will then be given instructions on what you’ll need to do during the procedure.

During the exam, you will be asked to take off your top and bra. Your doctor or nurse will closely inspect your breasts to look for changes in shape, size, texture, or symmetry. They will then proceed to feel your breasts, using their fingers to check for lumps, bumps, or anything else that’s unusual.

You might be instructed to raise your arms over your head or place your hands on your hips to allow your health care provider to take a closer look at the skin of your breasts. They will check for dimpling, rashes, redness, or other abnormal signs. Your nipples will also be inspected for any presence of discharge, with your health care provider gently pressing each of them.


Your Clinical Breast Exam Results

If your doctor discovers a lump in your breasts, they will record the findings, detailing its shape, size, and texture. They will also touch the lump to see if it’s moveable.

Benign lumps can be differentiated from cancerous ones through their appearance and texture. Lumps that are smooth, round in shape, and can be moved with a finger movement are most likely non-cancerous. On the other hand, hard and unusual lumps that are strongly attached to the flesh inside the breast will need further tests to determine whether they’re cancerous or not.

In case there’s nipple discharge, your health care provider will collect a specimen of the discharge, which will then be examined using a microscope.

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