What is Yacht Chartering?

What is Yacht Chartering | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Understand These 4 Basic Concepts Before Booking Your Boat

If you want to sail on a yacht without actually having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a luxury sea vessel, you may want to consider chartering a yacht.

Yacht chartering is a pretty simple practice. You rent a yacht for a base fare for the duration of your trip, which typically lasts a week or so. You choose which type of yacht you wish to charter and plan your vacation with either just a boat rental or a crewed yacht.

The prices will depend on the options you choose, which makes a chartered yacht a flexible option for a family trip or a getaway with your buddies. And while it costs several thousand dollars for a week’s trip, you’ll likely get your money’s worth from this unique experience.

Ready to charter a yacht? Here’s what you need to take note of.

1. You need a charter broker.

Unlike a typical hotel vacation where you can book your room directly on a hotel website, you will need a charter broker to plan your yacht charter. A professional charter broker, like a real estate agent, will help connect you to the best yacht available and the ideal crew. They will also give you advice on potential destinations you can explore on your trip based on your preferences. Having a good broker gives you plenty of options to choose from and helps you get the most reasonable price for your needs.

2. You set your destination.

If you are a first-timer with yacht chartering, you may want to explore several destination options with your broker. The Virgin Islands is a great choice for diving. The French Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia, Balearics, Amalfi Coast, and Sicily are perfect for food and shopping. The Caribbean is ideal for experiencing transparent blue waters and marine life including sharks, swimming pigs, and iguanas. The biggest advantage of yacht chartering is that you can enjoy the experience of being in any of these locations at your own pace.

3. It’s not like a cruise.

One of the best things about yacht chartering is the ability to decide what to do on your trip — which water sports to engage in, what types of food to serve on board, and which island to travel to. Unlike booking a cruise where there is a schedule for activities on board the ship and sightseeing trips when it docks, you can take control of your itinerary when you charter a yacht. There is no need to pack and unpack your belongings like you would when you transfer to a different destination. You won’t also be constricted by the tight sightseeing schedule made by tour guides. This makes chartering a yacht a fun and relaxing experience.

4. Go DIY or full crew.

You can choose a bareboat experience where you take charge of the boat on your own by paying only the base fare. Otherwise, you can splurge for additional services and amenities. It all depends on whether you want to explore the unchartered seas on your own or in the comfort of a fleet of professionals serving your every need.


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