What Is a Full Diagnostic on a Car?

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Why It Is Important and How Can You Do It Yourself

Just like your body needs a checkup, your car also needs to undergo a full diagnostic at least once a year to determine whether it’s suffering from issues with its engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition coils, oil tank, throttle, and other parts.

Just like you would see your physician for an executive checkup, your car typically needs to go to the mechanic or dealer shop to get a diagnostic. With the use of specialized software, as well as car diagnostic tools, technicians can quickly and accurately point out problem areas in a car’s engine or elsewhere, thanks to built-in processors, microchips, and sensors.


Why Is a Full Car Diagnostic Important?

Running a full diagnostic on your car can help you address problems with your vehicle when they’re still at their early stages. Most car owners fail to see the importance of regular diagnostics and only go to mechanics when their vehicles have already suffered from a breakdown or severe malfunction. Indeed, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure also applies to your vehicle.

Diagnostic tools enable car technicians to check for manufacturer notifications and stored information about the car’s history to get a clear idea of how to perform the best repair for your auto.

While full diagnostics use software to check for problems, they only show which parameters are out of range. They do not detail the problems and it is still up to the technician to diagnose and address those problems.


How You Can Do a DIY Full Diagnostic on Your Car

The good news is that you can conduct a full diagnostic on your car by yourself to save money. You don’t have to be an expert to do this. All you need is to understand your vehicle’s OBD2 Codes to get a basic idea of what problems are present in your car.

OBD2 Codes are the updated version of the On-Board Diagnostic Code self-diagnostic system for all vehicles. They are also popularly known as Check Engine Light Codes and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC Codes). When something is wrong with your vehicle, the check engine light signal will typically light up to signal an abnormality.

You don’t have to wait for your Check Engine Light to go on before taking action. Many OBD2 scanners are available in the market that will enable you to check your vehicle to see whether everything is in order.

Follow up the scan with an interpretation of the code so you can understand what areas need adjustments.


What to Do When Your Auto Is Beyond Saving

Proper maintenance of your car can go a long way in extending its life. However, nothing lasts forever. If you think your vehicle has just about reached the end of its journey, consider getting rid of it for your own convenience and road safety.

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On top of the material rewards that will come your way, you’ll also experience the priceless joy and satisfaction of doing an act of charity meant to help save lives.

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