What Are the Symptoms of Stage 1 Breast Cancer?

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Watch Out for These 5 Signs

Stage 1 breast cancer is when the disease hasn’t spread yet from its primary location. It’s still confined in the breast area, probably with microscopic tumors that are still forming. Even if it has spread to the nearby lymph nodes, it’s usually in trace amounts (almost pin-sized) and not yet considered dangerous.

Stage 1 breast cancer is considered a very treatable stage since it’s still localized to the patient’s breast or chest area.  Treating breast cancer at this stage holds a high chance of eliminating the disease, with patients normally having a 99% long-term survivability rate.

Getting regular mammogram screenings is your best bet to catch breast cancer early on. However, you can look out for symptoms that may indicate you have stage 1 breast cancer:

1. Weird discharge from your nipples

If you aren’t pregnant or haven’t had a baby, seeing a clear or milky discharge should be something to be cautious about. The discharge can be thin or thick and may come in other colors such as red, yellow, and even green.  While this doesn’t mean 100% that you have breast cancer, telling your doctor about it wouldn’t hurt.

2. Scaly or pitted skin

Changes in your skin texture near your breast area can be an indicator of early-stage breast cancer. Your skin may feel scaly, extremely dry, and itchy as well

3. Breast or nipple pain

Feeling discomfort, tenderness, and even pain in your nipples or breasts can be due to breast cancer. You should consider this possibility if it starts happening out of the blue.

4. Skin discoloration

Stage 1 breast cancer can cause your skin to become discolored. It can make your breast area a bit red, purple or bluish and looking a bit like it’s bruised.

5. Swelling

If you feel that your breast or the area around it is swelling, it can be a sign of breast cancer. Swelling is different from lumps (which are tumors). It may cause you to feel your breast sizes are uneven or some tightness in your breast.


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Although stage 1 breast cancer is highly treatable, getting rid of it can still cost you a pretty penny. For the uninsured or those who aren’t financially well-off, this is one of the reasons why they choose to delay their treatment even at the risk of their cancer getting worse.

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