Top 5 Boating Industry Trends in 2022

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What’s in Store for the Boating Industry This 2022?

While the pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of industries, it has surprisingly caused a boom in the boating industry. As pandemic restrictions started to ease, people found themselves exploring new outdoor hobbies, and one of those that gained widespread popularity was boating.

In 2020, boat sales in the United States hit a whopping 13-year high of 318,550 units. This was astounding, considering that only 178,000 units were sold in 2010.

However, despite the boom, the boating industry faces several challenges, such as the continued presence of ethanol in fuel, which has adverse effects on boat engines, and price increases that have driven many casual boaters away.

Despite these, experts predict that 2022 will be a fairly good year for the boating industry.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 boat industry trends this year:

1. Electric boats will reign supreme.

Electric boats are the future of boating. Among the best options that will be readily available on the market in 2022 are foiling boats. These are boats that use a hydrofoil that deploys underwater, lifting the boat and “flying” on plane-like wings beneath the water.

Candela is the first company to introduce an electric foiling boat, the C-8. However, due to the enormous weight of the electric battery, it might take a while before these boats can fully take off. Electric boats are expected to dominate the market when manufacturers start making batteries with the same energy capacity but with reduced weight and storage.

2. There will be new safety devices.

Kill switches are becoming more and more popular among boat owners. As the name implies, these devices kill the engine immediately as soon as an emergency or disaster occurs.

Kill switches are now being combined with “man-overboard” alarms, which are devices that detect when someone falls out of the boat. A passenger can attach the kill switch to their body, with the alarm also attached to it. In the event the passenger accidentally falls off the boat, the cord will pull the kill switch and stop the engine.

3. Boat rentals will have a huge advantage.

Buying a boat isn’t a practical option for many, given that they have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Plus, owning one means paying for maintenance and repair costs, and having to deal with the pressure to use it regularly just to make the purchase worthwhile.

Now that people are invested in boating or water-related activities, it’s no wonder the boat-rental industry is now enjoying steady growth. Rentals are projected to continue growing through 2026.

4. Diesel engines will increase.

2022 will be the year diesel engines become more common, which means you can eventually stop worrying about E15 fuel. It is expected that the usage of E15 fuel will steadily decline as diesel engines start to take over the boating industry.

5. Fishing boats will reclaim their popularity.

While recreational boating has won many hearts, it’s still unable to dethrone fishing as the number one boating pastime. Fishing boat sales dropped in 2019. For 2022, they’re projected to regain ground, possibly up to 2% over last year’s losses, as more and more people continue to develop a penchant for the activity.



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