Salt Corrosion: 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Car from Wintertime Road Hazards

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Don’t Let Salt and Sand Mar Your Vehicle’s Body!

One of the problems that car owners have to deal with during winter is salt corrosion.

Many cities and towns in the United States deal with ice on roads by sprinkling salt to melt it. However, this long-time practice has its downsides. The leftover salt and sand on the streets have been known to damage the exterior of vehicles and cause salt corrosion.

The good news is that you can take the following simple steps to protect your car from these wintertime road hazards:

1. Wax your car.

Waxing your car may seem like something you typically do during the warmer months so you can show off your vehicle’s sleek finish as it shines in the sunlight.

However, waxing serves another purpose during winter. It provides your car with a layer of protection like a shield that protects it from elements like corrosive salt. So, be generous in coating your car with that wax. Make sure to seal the undercarriage while you’re at it.

2. Avoid driving through puddles.

Driving through puddles exposes your car to mud and grime. Worse, the puddles might contain road salt that could damage your vehicle’s exterior.

3. Don’t drive before or after a snowstorm.

Typically, before and after a snowstorm is when authorities apply fresh salt on roads. So, if you can avoid driving during these times, you’ll also avoid exposing your car to these road hazards.

4. Keep your tires clean.

Keeping your tires clean can prevent the buildup of dirt, salt, and sand on them. Clearing these particles stuck on your tires can prevent them from damaging your vehicle’s body.

5. Pressure wash your car.

Keeping your car clean can help clear salt deposits on your car’s exterior and undercarriage. You can also hose off hard-to-reach areas. Do this during the daytime when your vehicle can still dry out. You wouldn’t want the water to freeze on your car’s finish when the temperature drops at night.


Put Your Damaged Car to Good Use This Way

Preventing salt corrosion from damaging your car exterior may be easy enough. However, if your auto has sustained more serious damage, such as in the aftermath of a road accident, repairing it may not bring back its former appeal. You may be better off replacing it with a brand-new vehicle.

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