Questions to Ask Your Doctor After Your Breast Cancer Treatment

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Learn Ways to Effectively Manage Your Health

Whether you’re just starting a treatment or you’re about to have your last session, it’s crucial to know what happens once it’s completely done. While you’ll probably be breathing your biggest sigh of relief, you might still find yourself worried about a possible recurrence in the future.

For women with advanced breast cancer, the odds of their cancer returning may be high, which is why most of them continue to get follow-up treatments. Regardless of your cancer’s severity, you will need to ask your doctor some questions to help you understand your recovery better, and what you can do to lower your risk of recurrence. More importantly, you’ll be able to learn ways to effectively manage your overall health.

Before sitting down with your oncologist after finishing your final treatment, be sure that you’re already prepared with the questions you want to ask. Breast Cancer Car Donations suggests the following questions that you may want to ask your doctor if the latter hasn’t told you the answers to them yet:

  • What is the chance that the cancer will return? What signs and symptoms should I look out for?
  • How long do I have to rest before I can proceed with my daily routine?
  • What steps can I take to help lower my risk of recurrence?
  • What will my follow-up care plan be like?
  • What potential long-term side effects will I get from the treatment?
  • Will I need to undergo other tests? If so, what are they and how often?
  • What symptoms should I notify you about?
  • Who do I contact if you’re not available?
  • Are there doctors who specialize in long-term follow-up cancer care? Can you refer them to me?
  • What records should I keep about my treatment?
  • Where can I find a good support group?
  • Is there a specific diet that I should follow?
  • What happens if I get pregnant later?
  • What habits should I avoid from now on?
  • Do I need to undergo breast reconstruction surgery?


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