Possible Reasons Your Car A/C Is Blowing Hot Air

Possible Reasons Your Car AC Is Blowing Hot Air | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Stuck in a Hot Car?

Although summer is everyone’s favorite season for driving, nobody wants to get stuck in a hot car when it’s a scorcher out there. As soon as temperatures reach over 150 degrees, you’ll want to turn on the A/C and feel the blast of cool air while you’re hitting the road. However, what if your car’s A/C is blowing hot air instead?

The last place you want to be during a heatwave is inside a vehicle with an A/C that’s blasting out hot air. Keep in mind that A/C doesn’t just address your comfort – it also ensures your safety. When temperatures spike to such dangerous levels, you’ll want to make sure that your A/C is working fine.


What Are the Reasons Why Your Car A/C Is Blowing Hot Air?

With hot weather comes the need to stay cool. However, if you find yourself feeling the heat from your A/C instead of getting cool air, you may have to deal with some issues before you head out. Breast Cancer Car Donations shares some of the most common reasons why your A/C is blowing hot air.

1. Your refrigerant is leaking.

Thanks to your A/C’s refrigerant, the heat is removed from the air to allow the cool air to flow into your vehicle. If your refrigerant is leaking, you’ll notice a significant drop in airflow as the cooling process is compromised. Since locating the leak by yourself can be a hassle, you’ll want to enlist the help of a trusted mechanic.

2. Your condenser is blocked.

The condenser’s sole responsibility is to re-cool hot refrigerant after compressing it by using the airflow that comes through the front area of your car as you’re driving it. When debris from the road manages to block the compressor, it won’t be able to cool the refrigerant in the A/C system.

Since most vehicles have their condensers in front, you can easily see if anything is blocking yours. To avoid this problem, check your car’s grill and remove anything that’s causing the blockage.

3. Your compressor has long been dormant.

Since your car’s compressor is what keeps the A/C moving, you can’t expect to get any cold air if it’s not working as it should. If your compressor has been sitting dormant all winter long, using it again in the spring or summer will shock the system. As a result, your A/C will end up blowing hot air. To avoid this problem, it’s best to keep your car’s compressor fresh by running your A/C system on full blast for about 15 minutes once every three weeks during the cold winter months.


Wondering What to Do with Your Beater?

If having your A/C system repaired would cost you a fortune and if that’s not the only malfunctioning part of your car, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to your clunker. Don’t worry, you can still get great value from your beater when you hand it over to us at Breast Cancer Car Donations. We’ll make it easy for you to dispose of your vehicle while you make a difference in the lives of the destitute breast cancer patients in your area.

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Donating to us means getting your car picked up and hauled away at no cost to you.

It also means getting a chance to substantially reduce your taxable income in the next tax season, courtesy of the 100% tax-deductible sales receipt that we’ll send you following the sale of your car.

More valuable than these material rewards, you’ll get to experience the priceless joy and satisfaction of giving away something that will be used to help save precious human lives.

As for the types of vehicles that you can donate, check them out on this page. We accept even vehicles that are no longer in good condition.

You can make your donation from any location in the country, and we’ll be there to haul off your vehicle wherever you had it parked or stored.

If you want more information about how everything works in our quick and painless donation process, feel free to check out our FAQs page. If you have inquiries or concerns regarding our donation process, feel free to contact us at 866-540-5069 or contact us here.


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