Possible Reasons Why Your Car Runs Hot When the A/C Is On

Reasons Why Your Car Runs Hot When the AC Is On | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Feeling Warm Even When the A/C Is Turned On?

Getting stuck in a car that overheats when the air conditioning system is turned on isn’t on anybody’s list of favorite experiences. Aside from being discomforting, this torturous problem can also lead to serious damage to your vehicle’s internal components. If you are going through the same issue with your vehicle on a hot summer day, you’re not alone.

If your car overheats within a matter of minutes after you turn the A/C on, you need to schedule an appointment with a trusted mechanic right away. In the meantime, Breast Cancer Car Donations has pulled together the possible reasons for this.

1. A/C compressor overload

Each time the A/C is turned on, the compressor draws a huge amount of power from your car’s engine as it moves its cylinders to compress the refrigerant. Knowing this principle gives you an idea of how a malfunctioning compressor can take its toll on the engine. When the load on the engine is too much, excess heat is produced and the engine overheats.

2. Inefficient cooling system

As the refrigerant is moved to the condenser, the engine fan regulates the temperature by blowing over the condenser fins. When these fins are clogged up, the condenser temperature will continue to rise. When it gets too hot, the engine will eventually overheat.

Overheating can also take place when the radiator and condenser tubes get clogged up by corrosion or the liquid that passes through the tubes over time. When the clogging problem isn’t resolved right away, the engine’s components will eventually heat up.

3. Fan failure

You know that you have a faulty engine fan if your car’s engine overheats at slow speeds or even at a stop. In most cases, this issue takes place due to the lack of airflow. If left unresolved, this can break the fan or cause blockage to the airflow in the radiator, condenser, or fins.


Having Endless Headaches with Your Clunker?

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