How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

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8 Steps in Winter-Proofing Your Motorbike

Now that winter is upon us, bikers find themselves once again storing their two-wheel rides to protect them from the harsh elements of the cold weather.

Sheltering your motorcycle in the winter months isn’t as easy as simply covering it. To keep it in tip-top shape, you need to do some maintenance work. No need to despair though, as Breast Cancer Car Donations is here to give you all the ins and outs of motorcycle winterization. By following these eight simple steps, you’ll save a decent amount of time and effort in ensuring that your motorbike is in tip-top condition when springtime arrives.

1. Protect the tires.

Any flat or soft tire left weighted in one position for a long period can develop a permanent flat spot, especially when it’s cold outside. Don’t let this happen to your motorcycle by storing it on a center stand, or front and rear elevation paddock stand. In case you don’t have a stand, just prop it up on several blocks.

2. Lube the moving parts.

Lubricating your motorbike’s moving parts will prevent moisture buildup, which is known to cause rusting and binding. Make sure that you lube all the necessary parts — including the chain drive, controls, fork surfaces, cables, and other pivot points — before hiding it for hibernation.

3. Get an oil change.

Dirty oil is corrosive and dangerous to your engine, which is why you should change it before storing your motorcycle. Remember, your lubrication system should have fresh oil sitting in it for a few months. Old oil can end up harming your motorcycle.

4. Check the fluids.

Aside from oil, other fluids you need to change are your brake and clutch fluids, as they can cause failure once moisture enters. You might also want to replace the coolant to avoid deposits and buildup.

5. Use a fuel stabilizer.

Stored fuel can degrade as a result of chemical reactions, so don’t be surprised to discover ignition problems after only three months. The solution? Use a fuel stabilizer. It helps keep the fuel fresh by stopping gas and ethanol from separating and causing damage.

6. Safeguard the battery.

Batteries tend to lose charge when not in use. Consumer Reports recommends buying a charger that cycles on and off to maintain the right level of charge for your motorbike battery. That way, your battery won’t overcharge, which can eventually lead to overheating.

7. Clean your motorcycle.

Give your bike a nice wash before boarding it for the winter. Polish the chrome, wax the paint, and treat the leather with a high-quality dressing to help preserve the seat. Don’t forget to let it dry before covering it to avoid condensation from getting trapped.

8. Cover it up.

With your motorbike ready to lie dormant, invest in a quality motorcycle cover. Not only will it keep dust and pests off your ride, but it will also keep the moisture out, which means you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion anymore.


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