How to Remove Car Battery Corrosion

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7 Simple Steps To Fix Car Battery Corrosion

A corroded car battery can prevent your car from starting, which is frustrating especially if you’re rushing for work. It can also lead to a few other problems such as damage to your vehicle’s electrical wiring and air conditioning.

The good thing is that you can quickly spot car battery corrosion. You will notice a white, ashy substance on your battery terminals, battery cables, and battery posts. In other instances, it can be blue or green. Such buildup can result in a malfunctioning battery from electrical resistance, which in turn, causes decreased battery life and performance.

Fortunately, car battery corrosion is an issue that can be fixed easily. You don’t have to visit an auto repair shop to fix this since you can do it on your own. Here are 7 steps on removing car battery corrosion:


1. Make sure your car is turned off.

Before you start working with the battery, see to it that you’ve turned off your vehicle.


2. Disconnect your cables.

WARNING: Remove the negative battery cable first, or you’ll most likely get electrocuted. The negative cable is colored black while the positive cable is red. You’ll need to use a wrench.


3. Check if there’s any damage.

Worn battery cables can stop your engine from starting immediately. Cables that are splintered, dried, peeled, cracked, or frayed will need replacement as soon as possible. Be sure that you examine them carefully.


4. Remove the corrosion.

Now, you can begin removing and neutralizing the battery corrosion. While there are several ways of doing this, we’ll only focus on two of the most effective ones:

  • The battery cleaning agent method

The simplest and fastest option is to go for commercial-grade battery cleaners. Not only will they clear the battery from corrosion, but they will also neutralize the battery acid. If there’s no cleaner available at home, you can use some household items as a replacement such as Coca-Cola and baking soda.

  • The baking soda method

You’ll need a teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water for the solution, and an old toothbrush or bristled brush for scrubbing. Cover the battery terminals and corroded areas with a coat of baking soda, after which pour a small amount of water on each terminal. The baking soda and water mix will start to bubble, which means that the acidic corrosion is being neutralized, making it safer to handle.

Repeat the same process on the battery cable ends if necessary.


5. Scrub, rinse, and dry

Once you’re done, scrub the corrosion off using the toothbrush or bristled brush. Don’t let the solution or the corrosive elements fall on the other engine components as they can cause damage. If possible, remove the battery completely.

In case you’re using professional-grade supplies, be careful not to let the battery-cleaning agent come in direct contact with your car’s paint job. Certain agents can leave a permanent stain.

After scrubbing all the corrosion away, you may rinse the battery and cable ends using clean water. Then, let it all dry. You can also use an air compressor.


6. Take extra preventive steps.

To avoid corrosion in the future, apply anti-corrosion pads, which are also known as battery terminal protectors. These pads will help protect your battery posts. Alternatively, you can apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the terminals and clamps.


7. Reconnect the battery.

This time, connect the positive cable first, followed by the negative one. You’re done!


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