How to Properly Use Car Jack Stands

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Learn to Use These Tools in 5 Simple Steps

The most common reason to jack up a car is for changing a tire. However, other jobs, such as inspecting the brakes, also require you to raise your vehicle so that you can look underneath.

In these cases, a car jack alone won’t be enough; you’ll also need to use jack stands. While a lot of vehicle owners know how to use a car jack, not everyone knows what a jack stand is and how it is used.

Jack stands are tripod- or tower-shaped tools that are designed to support the weight of your vehicle when it’s raised. They’re positioned in specific areas of your vehicle after you jack it up. Jack stands hold your car securely in place, giving you space and security to inspect or do work underneath the vehicle.

You should never go underneath your vehicle when it’s supported with a car jack alone as the results could be disastrous if it loses its hold.

If you’re not familiar with car jack stands and how they’re used, we’ve got you covered. Breast Cancer Car Donations shares the five simple steps of properly using these tools:

1. Lift the vehicle using your car jack.

Consult your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure how to raise your vehicle or where to position the jack.

2. Place the car jack stands in specific areas under the vehicle.

Place one stand near the jack. Place another stand on the opposite side of the vehicle so that both ends are supported. If you’re lacking one or two stands, don’t use bricks, crates, or other objects as substitutes since they’re not designed to hold your vehicle’s weight.

3. Raise the stands.

Raise them high enough for you to fit under the vehicle and have enough room to swing your arm. Securely lock the car jack stands in place and lower the car jack.

4. Wiggle the vehicle.

Make sure it’s resting securely on the car jack stands.

5. Use the car jack again.

Use it again to secure your vehicle. You can then start lowering the car jack stands and remove them.


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Last Updated: October 9th, 2023