How to Fix Frozen Windshield Wipers

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Melt the Ice Easily with These Tips!

During winter, your car faces unique challenges. To protect it from damage, you need to prepare your vehicle for colder temperatures.

One of the biggest downers for car owners during wintertime is finding their windshield wipers frozen. Wipers are essential to driving safely, especially when it’s raining or snowing as it clears your view of the road ahead. When windshield wipers get frozen, they get stuck on the glass and can’t move. This poses car collision risks to any motorist because their view of the road ahead is clouded or obscured.

If you wake up one winter morning to find your windshield wipers frozen, don’t throw up your arms in despair. You can fix this issue on your own with these simple tips:

1. Hit the defroster button.

Use the defroster button in your car to melt the ice. Don’t be impatient; it takes around 20 minutes for the ice to melt. Do not turn on your windshield wipers until the ice is fully melted.

2. Brush it off.

Brush off the loose snow and ice on your windshield by using an ice scraper. Make sure to avoid the windshield wipers so you don’t accidentally damage them.

3. Use a defrosting solution.

You can opt for a store-bought solution or a homemade one. You can make it by mixing vinegar with water, vodka with water, or even pickle juice. Once the ice is gone, rinse off and dry your windshield as well as your wipers so the solution won’t linger.


How to Prevent Frozen Windshield Wipers

An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. You can prevent your wipers from freezing up with these twin steps:

1. Keep your car covered.

Don’t expose your car to the elements during winter. Park it inside your garage or keep it covered to protect it from the snow.

2. Warm up your windshield wipers.

Keep your windshield wipers bundled up with a cloth cover or even socks. Just as you want to keep warm when it is cold, you can extend the same care to your wipers.


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