How to Check the Oil Level in Your Car

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Do This to Avoid a Catastrophic Engine Failure

Since oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle’s engine, those who don’t bother to check if their vehicle is running low on oil are making a terrible mistake that could potentially lead to catastrophic engine damage. Bear in mind that oil provides lubrication for the engine’s moving parts to ensure that they don’t grind against each other.

One of the most important things you need to do to keep your car in good condition is to check its oil level. You should do this once a month at the very least or when the situation calls for it. Your car may malfunction if it doesn’t have the right amount of oil in its engine.

Most new car models on the market have an electronic monitoring system that automatically checks the oil level. If your vehicle doesn’t have this feature, you should learn how to check the oil level yourself. Thankfully, the process of checking your car’s engine oil level is easy. This simple car maintenance task can help you keep your car on the road for many more years.


Your Guide to Checking Your Car’s Engine Oil Level

Checking the oil level in your car and making sure that your engine is adequately lubricated is an easy task that won’t take too much time. If you want your car to achieve peak engine performance and get the most miles out of it, check out this step-by-step guide on how to check your car’s engine oil.

1. Park your car on level ground and turn off the ignition.

Before you start with the process of checking your car’s oil level, you need to park your vehicle on level ground before you turn off the ignition. To avoid burning your hand when touching a hot engine component, make sure that the engine is cold.

However, it’s important to note that in some cars, you need to warm up the engine first before checking the oil level. To make sure that you’re doing the right thing, check the manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Locate and remove the dipstick.

With the engine off, the next step is to open the car’s hood and locate the dipstick. Its handle is usually colored yellow or orange. In many car models, you can find the dipstick on the left side of the engine.

Once you’ve found the dipstick, carefully remove it from its tube. Since this long piece of metal is drenched in oil, use a lint-free rag or an old fabric to wipe off any oil from its end before you insert it back into its tube.

3. Insert the dipstick back into the tube.

Now that the dipstick is oil-free, push it back into the tube where you pulled it from so you can get an accurate indication of your oil level.

4. Pull the dipstick out again.

Pull the dipstick out again and check the oil level based on the marks or lines on the dipstick. If the level is normal, reinsert the tube. However, if it isn’t, try feeling the oil’s texture by touching the dipstick. If it’s gritty, get the oil changed; if not, simply add oil using a funnel.


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