How Often Should I Do A Breast Self Exam?

How Often Should I Do A Breast Self Exam | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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How Often Should I Do a Breast Self-Exam? Find Answers to Your Concerns Here

Detecting breast cancer early increases the chances of survival, which is why many doctors recommend women to perform breast self-exams every once in a while. Breast self-exams help you understand how your breasts feel and look, which makes it easier for you to point out any changes in the future.

While this technique isn’t as reliable as mammograms, some women have discovered lumps on their breasts through breast self-examination. Most lumps found are benign, which means no major treatment is required. Nonetheless, women should still discuss the matter with their health care providers.


Best Time to Do a Breast Self-Exam

A breast self-exam should be performed once a month, ideally 7 to 10 days after your menstrual period starts. Around this time, your breasts should be at their least lumpy and tender.

If you’ve gone through menopause, or you have an irregular cycle, you should choose a specific date and stick to it every month. Be sure that you mark your calendar or set an alarm to remind yourself, in case you forget.

To keep track of your breast condition, it’s a good idea to note down any unusual changes you’ve noticed. What you need to remember is that lumps, bumps, or grooves are normal changes that can occur in certain phases of your menstrual cycle.


When to Visit the Doctor

Again, not all lumps are cancerous. Experts say 8 out of 10 are non-malignant. If you do find one, however, you might as well schedule an appointment with your doctor just to be sure that it’s nothing serious.

Other changes that require you to see your doctor are the following:

  • Bulges, puckers, or dimples on the skin of your breast;
  • Scales, rashes, sores, or itching around your breast;
  • Nipple discharge;
  • A hard lump near your armpit;
  • Swelling, redness, or pain;
  • Inverted nipple


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