How Long Does It Take For Breast Cancer To Metastasize?

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Breast Cancer Metastasis: Get to Know the Facts

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer is one of the most devastating news that any woman can receive. After all, the disease is one of the top causes of death among women in the United States. Given the fact that there’s still no cure for cancer, the question that most patients ask their doctors is, “How long does it take for my breast cancer to metastasize?”

Breast cancer continues to afflict hundreds of thousands of women every day. Sometimes, breast cancer is detected at a stage when the tumor has already grown into a considerable size, which complicates treatment. In many cases, patients receive breast cancer diagnosis when the malignant cells have already invaded other organs of their bodies, including their brains, lungs, and bones.

Once cancer cells spread to other organ systems, they’ll be more difficult to control unless the patient undergoes treatment. The goal of the different types of breast cancer treatment is to arrest the process of metastasis or the development of secondary malignant growths at a distance from the primary site of the breast.

This implies that in the event of metastatic growth, another set of breast cancer treatments is necessary to prolong the patient’s life.


How Long Does It Take for Breast Cancer Cells to Spread?

Breast cancer, like any other cancer, develops as one small malignant cell that divides into two. Each division cycle takes about a month or two. It’s only when the cancer cell has divided 30 times that it can be diagnosed by your doctor.

Lumps may or may not be palpable during your first doctor’s check-up. In fact, you may not find a lump at all. However, when you have your check-up again the following year, your doctor may find a lump in your breast. This can be confusing for many. The thing about breast cancer tumors is that they’re often difficult to detect with manual breast examinations.

Essentially, a detectable lump can mean that cancer has already started forming five years before your current doctor’s appointment. Some tumor cells during that time might have transformed from being immobile to mobile and might have already made their way out of your primary tumor in your breasts into your lymphatic and circulatory systems. As the cancer cells get carried by your blood, they will try to get through the walls of the blood vessels to invade other organ systems such as the lungs.


What Are the Tests that Make Early Detection Possible?

Fortunately, certain tests can make early breast cancer detection possible. A mammogram is one of the best and most effective ways to detect early breast cancer development. Women who are entering their 40’s are advised to get a yearly mammogram to check for any abnormal growths or lumps in their breast tissue before they grow big enough to cause big trouble.

Early detection of breast cancer is the best treatment for the disease. Treatments done during the early stages of breast cancer are usually effective, and a patient’s prognosis usually looks good. Once a lump is detected, the doctor will require their patient to undergo further testing aside from mammograms to confirm whether the lump is a malignant breast cancer tumor or a benign one.


A Simple Way of Helping Breast Cancer Victims

When breast cancer tumors metastasize and start affecting other body parts of patients, they will start having problems in performing their usual daily activities. Their doctors will ask them to undergo urgent treatment. However, many of them won’t be able to do so simply because they don’t have the financial resources to pay for the high cost of their treatment.

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