Breast Cancer Treatments and Their Success Rates

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Patient’s Recovery Depends on Various Factors

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are the well-established methods for treating breast cancer. In some cases, doctors recommend hormone or targeted treatments.

The success rates of the different types of treatment are determined by a lot of factors, including the type of breast cancer that a patient has and the stage of their cancer. The patient’s personal health history or fitness may also come into play when determining the success rates of the treatments.


The 3 Common Types of Breast Cancer Treatments

No one doctor alone is responsible for a patient’s overall treatment. In cancer care, multiple doctors who specialize in different areas of cancer treatment all work together to create a strategy on how to successfully remove all the cancerous cells in their patient’s body.

They do this with a combination of treatment types, but not necessarily all of them in some cases. A patient’s breast cancer type, the severity of the disease, and its behavior will all factor in on the treatment types that the doctor in charge will recommend to their patient.

Here are three different types of breast cancer treatments and their expected results:

1. Surgery

This is one of the first options that doctors usually recommend. Surgery is the removal of the tumor alongside some healthy tissue in the affected area. The smaller the tumor is, the more surgical options that a patient usually has. If the cancer is still in its early stages, surgery alone will likely be able to take care of it. If not, a combination of radiotherapy or chemotherapy is usually recommended. Though surgery is effective for quickly removing cancerous cells, it’s an invasive solution that creates physical scars on the patient.

2. Radiation Therapy

High-energy x-rays or particles are bombarded on the area where the patient’s tumor is located. It’s less invasive than surgery. However, results won’t be as quick. Larger tumors are treated with a combination of surgery and radiotherapy for relatively fast results compared to radiation therapy alone. Doctors can try to destroy smaller tumors without the need for surgery. However, a patient will need to undergo several sessions to make sure all the cancer cells are destroyed.

3. Chemotherapy

This method uses drugs to destroy cancer cells, mostly by preventing them from growing. As with radiation therapy, chemo is usually administered in combination with surgery to be more effective. Large tumors are best handled if they’re attacked with chemotherapy first. When they get shrunken as much as possible, the doctor can go in with a scalpel to remove the tumors. Chemotherapy is also given after surgery to reduce the risks of cancer recurrence.


Sadly, Not All Breast Cancer Patients Get to Have Full Treatment

Unfortunately, not all breast cancer patients can get full access to the various treatment methods, simply because they can’t afford their huge costs. Without proper treatment, these destitute patients are bound to lose their battle against cancer.

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