8 Useful Apps for Cancer Patients

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These Downloadable Tools Can Help Ease a Patient’s Burdens

Plenty of help is available online for cancer patients. They can make good use of numerous apps that cater to their various needs. Some of these apps are for entertainment while others are for relaxation, work efficiency, and health enhancement.

Some apps are specifically designed to address the needs of breast cancer patients. Their functions range from providing up-to-date information and research about the disease to giving patients reminders on their medication and providing them advice on specific concerns.

If you are a cancer patient or if you have a loved one who is suffering from the disease, these amazing apps can help in easing the burdens that come with the condition.

1. MBC Connect

This free app for both iOS and Android serves as an interactive registry that offers updated treatment information and links to the latest clinical trials for patients suffering from metastatic breast cancer. It also serves as a support group for breast cancer patients by helping connect them with patients who are going through the same ordeal.

2. Breast Advocate

It can be overwhelming to decide on what cancer treatment to take when your doctors present you with a variety of options. However, this free app can help you get a clearer perspective as it processes the information that you input to suggest a path for treatment. The app gives its recommendation based on your cancer type and stage as well as the latest medical research.

3. Breast Cancer Recovery

Breast cancer patients can benefit from a tailor-fit exercise plan to help their bodies cope with cancer complications. The fitness plan is developed based on the user’s level of fitness, fatigue, and treatment side effects. The exercise program helps with the patient’s recovery. The app can be purchased for $35.

4. ChemoWave

This free app functions both as an alarm for when to take your medicine, as well as a journal to record how you feel during these times. This gives your doctor an idea about how the medication is affecting you and how your treatments are working for you.

5. My CancerCoach

Breastcancer.org has partnered with the developers of this app to help breast cancer patients manage their treatments, come up with the right questions to ask their doctors, keep a calendar of appointments, and navigate through the medical jargon related to their condition.

6. CancerCare Meditation

Going through chemotherapy and other forms of cancer treatment can be stressful. This free app provides more than 100 hours of guided meditation and soothing music that can improve the patients’ mood and treatment outcomes. The only downside is that it is only available on iOS.

7. Breast Cancer Healthline

As the name suggests, this free app provides breast cancer patients with an avenue to connect with fellow patients and others through one-on-one chats and group discussions on different stages of the disease and other topics such as new diagnosis, treatment, and remission.

8. BELONG Beating Cancer Together

This app has received a near-perfect score on iOS ratings. It enables patients to communicate with researchers, experts, and medical professionals who give quick and accurate responses to their questions. The app can also serve as a database for the patients’ medical records, which can be shared with their doctors and loved ones. The free app also enables patients to sign up for clinical trials. Apart from iOS, the app also has an Android version.


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Last Updated: November 29th, 2023