7 Signs Your Vehicle’s Engine Oil Needs Changing

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The 7 Signs Showing Your Vehicle’s Engine Oil Needs Changing

If you want your car to run at its peak performance level for an extended period of time, you’ll need to know the 7 signs that show your vehicle’s engine oil needs changing.

You must have already known that your engine oil is practically your car’s lifeblood. Everything that has an engine couldn’t function without the oil that lubricates all of its moving components. The absence of oil flowing through these moving components that constantly rub together will cause your engine to overheat.

Even though oil change is just a simple service appointment at the nearest auto shop, many drivers still choose not to change their car’s engine oil on a regular basis. Instead of relying on the warning signs that their car’s engine needs an oil change, they rely on their car’s mileage. When their car suffers the consequences of their negligence, all they can do is regret having their car’s oil change delayed.


The Warning Signs

Extending the life of your car’s engine and enhancing its performance is easy. You just have to know when to change your engine oil. By spotting these 7 warning signs that we at Breast Cancer Car Donations are sharing, you’ll be on the right track. Check these out:

  • Warning lights turn on.

If the check engine light or the oil change light on your dashboard flashes ominously, this means your vehicle is due for an oil change. Paying close attention to your dashboard warning lights will make it easy for you to spot a problem and avoid spending a fortune on costly repairs down the road.

  • Your engine overheats.

As we earlier mentioned, if your vehicle’s engine overheats, this only means that your engine parts aren’t properly lubricated and the oil in your engine needs to be changed. Oil that hasn’t been changed for a long time will cause your engine to heat up more than it’s supposed to until it overheats.

  • You hear loud noises.

Do you wonder why you need to change your oil every 5,000 miles? When you reach this mileage, your oil gets old and thickens in consistency, which results in lesser lubricating efficiency. One of the signs of lubrication failure is the loud, rumbling noises that your engine makes as its components grind against one another.

  • Your car starts to smell like oil.

You’ll know that your engine oil is leaking and you don’t have enough oil left to keep it functioning well when you notice a burning smell in the interior cabin of your vehicle.

  • Smoke comes out of your tailpipe.

When the normally translucent vapor that comes out of your car’s tailpipe turns to smoke, it implies that you have faulty engine parts or your engine oil is leaking. This happens when there’s not enough oil to lubricate its parts. When you notice this, have the oil replaced and the leak fixed at once.

  • Your oil’s color turns dark.

Normally, your engine oil’s healthy color is translucent bright amber. However, when it gets old and dirty because of residue build-up, its color turns dark. By regularly popping open the hood, sticking a dipstick into your engine’s oil, and then checking it, you’ll be able to monitor its color.

  • You have lower fuel economy.

The moment you notice that you’re gassing up more than you normally do, change the oil immediately. If the engine isn’t properly lubricated, it works extra hard to compensate for the diminished oil supply. The result is lower fuel economy.



Get Your Oil Changed ASAP

If you spot any of the warning signs that we talked about here, be sure to schedule a service appointment at your nearest auto service station to get your engine oil replaced as soon as possible. That is if you want your car to run smoothly. Besides, don’t you think your car deserves the TLC it deserves?

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