7 Car Maintenance Tasks to Do in Fall

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Get Your Car Winter-Ready this Fall!

Are you ready for winter driving? You wouldn’t want to face the challenging weather and driving conditions unprepared. Before temperatures drop and begin to affect your vehicle’s performance, you’ll need to get your car maintenance done in the fall.

Your most routine drive can quickly become a dangerous one when you encounter snow and ice on the road. However, driving a well-maintained vehicle can help you rise to the challenge. If you want to stay on top of your car maintenance tasks this fall, Breast Cancer Car Donations shares this list to help you get started:

1. Check the lights and clean them.

All lights — including your headlights, parking lights, taillights, and emergency flashers — must be checked and cleaned by the end of the summer. If your car comes with sealed-beam headlamps, think about investing in halogen lamps that can help increase visibility while you’re driving.

2. Test the battery.

Since your car battery doesn’t last forever, you’d want to check your battery’s overall condition with a computerized battery tester. Aside from testing voltage, this device allows you to check the condition of your starter and alternator as well as its internal resistance and conductance.

3. Check the heater/defroster.

There’s nothing fun about driving in the fall and winter with a heater that isn’t working. Hitting the road with fogged-up windows is far from being safe. To avoid getting into an accident, be sure to check if the front and rear window defrosters are working properly. It’s best to have the defroster and heater systems repaired in the fall rather than waiting until winter comes.

4. Replace your wiper blades.

If you don’t want your snow-packed wiper blades to miss large swaths of your windshield, be sure to replace your ordinary wiper blades with winter wiper blades. Winter wiper blades are wrapped in a rubberized material that keeps the snow and ice from packing or sticking. Since these blades make for improved visibility, it ensures safer winter driving.

5. Switch to winter tires.

Winterizing your car involves adding extra traction to help you cover snowy and icy terrain. Unless you switch to snow tires and all-season tires, you won’t be able to drive confidently under bad weather conditions.

6. Check your brakes.

Your brakes should work even in freezing conditions. When the road gets icy, be sure that your brake pads aren’t wearing down or that your brake fluid doesn’t need to be refilled.

7. Get an oil change.

Did you know that older oil can get even more sluggish during the winter season? If your oil has contaminants in it, it can quickly freeze as soon as the temperatures drop. For this reason, it’s best to get an oil change done before winter strikes even if you’re not quite at the recommended oil change time yet.


You Can Turn Your Old Car Into a Lifesaver

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For more information about our donation program, including our quick and convenient donation process, feel free to visit our FAQs page. Give us a call at 866-540-5069 or contact us here if you have any inquiries or concerns.


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