6 Top Holiday Road Trip Survival Tips

Top Holiday Road Trip Survival Tips | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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6 Top Holiday Road Trip Survival Tips Every Parent Must Know

If you’re planning to go on a road trip to grandma’s cottage with the kids, make sure that you know the 6 top holiday road survival tips to help you keep your sanity along the way. If you fail to properly prepare for a long drive with toddlers in tow, you could face a nightmare. Add babies to the mix and you’ll surely be in for a big surprise—and we’re not talking about the good kind.


‘Are We There Yet?’

If this is your first time to hit the road with your kids, you’ll have to get in the right head space before you head out because it would probably take twice as much time as it did when you were going on a road trip with your friends before you had your darling babies. You’ll have to consider a number of things when you plan your schedule, and you’ll need to be flexible enough to work around it so that you can steer clear of fatigue-induced fits.

The good news is, you don’t have to sing “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” a thousand times until you sound like a screaming frog in boiling water just to keep the youngsters from asking, “Are we there yet?” every five minutes.


How to Make a Long Drive Tolerable

Breast Cancer Car Donations can help you steer clear of tricky situations with these 6 top holiday road trip survival tips. Check them out:

  1. Make sure your car is properly maintained and ready for a long drive.

Are your wipers, brake lights, and signals in good working order? Are your tires ready to roll? Did you get your engine checked?

Your vehicle should be in good shape and ready to take you to where you need to go without breaking down at any given moment. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with little despots spewing unreasonable demands after being cramped up in the back seat for hours.

  1. Check the weather.

Checking the weather report before setting a schedule for a family road trip is something you shouldn’t forget. You’ll need to prepare yourself for forecasted weather possibilities. For example, if you’re driving through snowy areas, you’ll need to have a Severe Weather Road Kit ready. You should also bring essential items and other necessities such as a small shovel, a kitty litter for use when your car is stuck in snow, a blanket, and de-icer to name a few.

  1. Regular stops are a must.

On your way to grandma’s house, we suggest you stop at regular intervals to break up the humdrum drive. While you’re at it, try to stop by fun attractions to make it more worthwhile for the kids. This will allow them to let out some steam and have a little fun instead of going at each other’s throats. Of course, you also need to consider the diaper changes, bathroom breaks, and stretch-your-leg breaks.

  1. Get the snacks and bottled waters ready.

Keep the kids munching and hydrated if you don’t want to hear the incessant complaints of “hangry” children until your ears bleed. Get a cooler ready filled with their all-time favorite snacks and bottles of clean drinking water within reach.

As much as possible, let them snack on healthier options like chopped fruit, cucumbers, carrots, and nuts. Remember to keep the sweets to a minimum.

  1. Know what to do in case of motion sickness.

If you have a car-sick child, an accessible kit that includes a roll of paper towels, hand wipes, Lysol wipes, and plastic trash bags would come in handy. You can also load up the kids with ginger ale before you hit the road. Ginger is known to be effective in treating nausea due to motion sickness. You’ll also thank the high heavens if you bring along motion sickness bands.

  1. Keep them busy.

Want to keep the kids busy for hours? Let the iPad with their favorite cartoons do its magic. Other winners are audiobooks or your kid’s favorite tunes that are downloaded on your phone. You can play these over the car stereo until your next stop.


Good Times Are Possible

Following these pointers can give you the upper hand in situations when your kids will test even the patience of a saint. Who knows? Perhaps this trip could turn out to be one of the best times you’ve spent together as a family.


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