6 Early Signs of Alternator Failure That Can Cause Your Car to Stop Running

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Watch Out for These Alternator Red Flags!

Your alternator may seem like a minor part of your car. However, it plays a major role in keeping your vehicle running. This auto part converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, thus generating electricity and powering the motor to keep your car running. Without a functioning alternator, your car can’t go anywhere.

Alternator failure doesn’t happen in one snap. Before your alternator conks out, it will show you signs that something is wrong with it. Breast Cancer Car Donations shares the following red flags you should watch out for:

1. Inconsistent power

When your alternator delivers inconsistent voltage to the electronic parts of your car, it typically manifests through electrical underpowering or overpowering. You will notice this when your headlights are either too bright or too dim.

2. Stalling

Battery failure can sometimes be caused by a malfunctioning alternator as it fails to sufficiently charge the battery when the engine is running. This may cause your batteries to stall. Sometimes, you may encounter problems starting your vehicle.

3. Slow response

Since the alternator powers up your car’s electronics, expect your car radio and other electronic devices to respond slower than usual when your alternator starts malfunctioning.

4. Strange noise

When your car suddenly makes growling or whining noise under the hood, this could be a sign that the alternator’s pulleys have become misaligned. Have this looked at by your mechanic.

5. The smell of burning rubber

This is not surprising since the alternator’s drive belt is situated close to your engine and subjected to constant tension and friction. If you notice the smell, have your alternator’s drive belt checked by a mechanic.

6. Warning light

A simple way to know that you may be having trouble with your alternator is the battery warning light on your dashboard. While the indicator typically pertains to battery problems, it can also point to a faulty alternator that is not feeding enough voltage to the battery. Your battery warning light may turn on either for excessive supply or under-supply of voltage.


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