6 Common Signs of a Weak Car Battery

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These Signs Can Tell You If Your Car Battery Is About to Fail

Today’s vehicles have more electrical components than before. This makes the battery one of your car’s most essential parts. Unfortunately, there will come a time when your battery can no longer hold enough charge to power your vehicle’s electrical components, including the parts responsible for starting your car.

While a car battery has an average life expectancy of at least three years, multiple factors can affect its longevity. Weather conditions, leaks, corroded connections, and faulty parts can all take a toll on your battery’s life. As soon as you’re nearing the three-year mark, you should already expect your battery to die off. This is the ideal time to replace it, otherwise, you might find yourself one day not being able to turn your car on.

So how can you tell when your battery is losing its power? Breast Cancer Car Donations lists these six common signs of a weak car battery:

1. The check engine light is on.

Your check engine light isn’t only limited to engine issues. It can also mean your battery is running out of juice.

2. It’s hard to start your car.

A weak car battery makes it harder to start your vehicle. You’ll likely hear weird noises like clicking or sputtering when you’re trying to start your engine.

3. Your battery connectors are corroded.

If you see an ashy or flaky substance on the terminals of your car battery, it’s a sign that your battery is leaking and is about to expire.

4. Your lights are dimming.

A battery losing charge can’t power electrical components as effectively as before. Dimming headlights or interior lights are a classic sign.

5. You smell something rotten.

Do you smell what may seem like rotten eggs when you open the hood of your car? It can indicate a battery leak, which means it will likely die off soon.

6. The battery is cracking or swelling.

Extreme temperature changes can affect your battery. If you see it swelling in some areas or small cracks starting to form, you’ll also likely experience other signs of your car battery dying.


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