5 Tech Accessories That Can Make Your Old Car Feel New

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Spice Up Your Ride with These Modern Gadgets

With our world becoming more immersed in technology, it’s no surprise that automakers are continuously investing in high-tech vehicles. That’s why today’s cars come pre-installed with a lot of high-tech features.

Gone are the days when gadgets and gizmos were limited only to luxury vehicles. In fact, some tech accessories, like dashcams or backup cameras, are becoming a standard in a lot of entry-level vehicles on the market.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to buy a new car outfitted with the latest tech. Moreover, some car owners also don’t want to let go of their old cars and purchase new ones simply because they have modern features.

The good news is that older car models can now be installed with new technology even if they weren’t originally designed for it. Now, you don’t need to buy a new car and let go of a vehicle you love if you want to experience the latest tech out there.

Breast Cancer Car Donations shares these five tech accessories you can use to spruce up your car:

1. Touchscreen infotainment system

What better way to modernize your old car than by installing a touchscreen interface? A touchscreen infotainment system is relatively inexpensive and quick to install. This will enable you to access modern features such as Bluetooth and GPS.

2. Power windows

This is a must-have for old cars that still use manual window rollers. Power windows make your life easier when it comes to window control with the use of switches.

3. Push start button

Push start buttons used to be limited to sports cars or high-end vehicles. Now, this modern tech can be installed in any vehicle at an affordable price. Say goodbye to turning your car keys and start your engine with the push of a button!

4. Dashcam

Dashcams aren’t only for show. They’d come in handy if you figured in a road accident and you need evidence to back up your insurance claims or when filing lawsuits.

5. Light kits

Costing only a few dollars, light kits can change the mood of your car’s interior. You can place them almost anywhere, with popular choices being underneath the dashboard or underneath the vehicle.


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