10 Things to AVOID Saying to Someone with Breast Cancer

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 10 Things to AVOID Saying to Someone with Breast Cancer

Do you know someone who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer? Whether it’s your relative, neighbor, or co-worker, you can show your support through kind and affirming words.

However, it’s important that you should always think first before saying anything. Something that sounds really positive for you could be hurtful to the patient, and you wouldn’t even be aware of it. Finding the right words to say can be difficult. But with careful deliberation, you can provide moral support without saying things that are inexplicably offensive.

The next time you bump into somebody with breast cancer, be sure to avoid saying any of these 10 things:

1. ‘Stay positive.’

It’s normal for recently diagnosed patients to go through the stages of grief after being told of the devastating news. Instead of telling someone to think positive, allow her to process and feel the emotional pain. This will help her accept the fact that she has breast cancer.

2. ‘A childhood classmate of mine had breast cancer. Here’s what happened to her……’

Every patient has their own experience with breast cancer, which means that what works for a 42-year-old woman might not be effective for someone in her late 60s. If that certain classmate of yours had never undergone chemotherapy and completely relied on supplements, that doesn’t entirely make the case similar to another patient. More importantly, do not tell any story about someone’s life being taken away by cancer.

3. ‘Everything happens for a reason.’

While many people have been using this statement every time something terrible happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s helpful for anyone battling breast cancer. In fact, it somehow gives these women the idea that cancer happened to them just to give them some sort of a life lesson.

4. ‘You’ll be fine.’

Despite such a reassuring statement, this one would only aggravate the situation for patients. When it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis, there’s no such thing as “fine.” Even after finishing treatment and being declared cancer-free, most patients are still left to worry about the possibility of recurrence, as doctors don’t normally give them any guarantees.

5. ‘How did the doctor find it? Was it already serious? How did you feel after finding out?’

Unless you’re the husband, sibling, or best friend, you don’t need to ask personal questions that can cause the patient to recall that painfully overwhelming moment at the doctor’s office. Many patients tend to focus on the future and how they can beat breast cancer, and such questions are better left unasked.

6. ‘Is there anything I can do to help you?’

Rather than asking an open-ended question like this, be specific in how you may want to help out. That way, the patient will no longer have to think of errands or chores for you to do.

7. ‘You’re always in my prayers.’

Telling someone with cancer that you’re praying for her or that miracles happen may sound comforting, but keep in mind that it doesn’t work that way for just about anyone. For patients who are skeptical about religion or the spiritual world, it can be irritating to hear that a higher power can save them. Many patients in the later stages of cancer no longer find themselves hoping for a miracle as they rely heavily on treatment.

8. ‘You’re a strong woman! You’ll beat cancer.’

Just because someone has always been known as a fighter doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her moments of weakness. Cancer brings out the worst in everyone, no matter how strong an individual may be.

9. ‘What if you cut out sugar in your diet?’

Never offer unsolicited advice, especially when it comes to what food to avoid. Doctors and nurses are there for a reason, and it’s certainly not your role to tell a patient what to or not to do.

10. ‘This is why I don’t wear an underwire bra.’

Many wrongly assume that such things as wearing an underwire bra or using antiperspirant could cause breast cancer. In fact, they bring zero cancer risk at all. This statement only implies that the patient has herself to blame for bringing that disease into her life.

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