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Your Old Car Can Give New Hope to Breast Cancer Sufferers

If you’d like to touch the lives of the suffering breast cancer patients in San Ramon, California, without spending a single dime, you can do that by simply donating any vehicle you no longer need to us at Breast Cancer Car Donations. We will use your donation to improve the chances of survival of these patients.


Breast Cancer in San Ramon, CA

Did you know that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among women in California, with nearly 200,000 women in the state living with the disease? Moreover, on average, more than 11 California women die from breast cancer every day!

A certain number of these breast cancer patients reside in San Ramon, a city in Contra Costa County with an estimated population of 85,953 as of July 2022, half of whom were women, based on the July 2022 report by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Whether you’re a San Ramon local or a visitor who has fallen in love with the city and its people, you can choose to help ease the burden of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer by participating in our San Ramon, CA car donations program.


How Your San Ramon, CA Car Donation Will Benefit Needy Breast Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Car Donations is the online vehicle donation platform of reputable IRS-determined 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are battling breast cancer in communities across the United States. We sell at auction all vehicles donated to our San Ramon, CA car donations program.

We then transfer the proceeds to our charity partners. They make use of the funding to provide uninsured and indigent breast cancer patients in your city with financial assistance to help cover the costs of their treatments, doctor consultations, hospital fees, medications, follow-up care, and other essential healthcare services.

Our charity partners also provide the following services to their beneficiaries:

  • Easy access to local healthcare facilities for underprivileged individuals so they can get free breast cancer screening and diagnosis.
  • Follow-up care for breast cancer survivors, including laboratory work, annual mammograms, and physician visits five years after remission
  • Campaigns to promote breast cancer awareness and provide prevention, education, and counseling services to the public.


Reasons Why Making a San Ramon, CA Car Donation Makes a Lot of Sense

Donating an unneeded vehicle to Breast Cancer Car Donations is one of the smartest decisions you can ever make in your life. We’ve rounded up this list of reasons why participating in our San Ramon, CA car donations program makes a whole lot of sense:

  • You can substantially reduce your tax burden in the next tax season because your car donation is 100% tax-deductible.
  • Vehicle pickup is always free with us.
  • Our team will handle all the logistics.
  • We’ll collect your vehicle from any location of your choice at a time and day convenient for you.
  • Donating your clunker to us means freeing yourself from any responsibility related to your vehicle’s repairs, maintenance, storage, and insurance.
  • You’ll feel great, knowing that you’ll be helping save the lives of destitute Californians afflicted with breast cancer.


Our Donation Process Is Super Easy!

With Breast Cancer Car Donations, we can guarantee you a most pleasant giving experience. Our donation process is seamless and you won’t have any trouble going through it. Plus, our team is always ready to assist your every step of the way. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you make a car donation to us in San Ramon, CA:

1. Give us your contact information and a few basic details about your vehicle.

You can choose to provide us with the details that we require over the phone by calling us at 866-540-5069 or by filling out our donation form here.

2. Schedule your 100% FREE vehicle pickup.

Once we’ve verified your information, we’ll contact you to arrange the schedule of your vehicle’s fast and free pickup.

3. Receive your tax-deductible receipt by mail.

Within a few days after your vehicle gets auctioned off, we’ll send you by mail its 100% tax-deductible sales receipt.

If you’re interested to learn more about our vehicle donation program, feel free to visit our FAQs page. Should you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us at 866-540-5069 or write to us here.


We Accept Almost All Types of Vehicles

One of the best things about donating to Breast Cancer Car Donations is that we take almost all types of vehicles. What’s more, we’re willing to accept vehicles that are no longer in good working condition.

Check out this list of vehicles that we welcome in our San Ramon, CA car donations program:

  • Cars: sedans, compact cars, luxury cars, convertibles, sports cars, hybrids, coupes
  • SUVs: compact, mid-size, full-size, and crossover versions
  • Vans: cargo vans, passenger vans, family vans, minivans
  • RVs: pop-up campers, 5th wheels, diesel motorhomes, Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes, Class C motorhomes, toy haulers, teardrop campers, horse trailers, folding and tent trailers, hybrid trailers
  • Trucks: mobile cranes, garbage trucks, refrigerator trucks, tank trucks, truck campers, travel trailers, dump trucks, extended cabs, box trucks
  • Fleet vehicles: limousines, buses, minivans, ambulances, vans, taxis
  • Motorcycles: scooters, mopeds, choppers, touring bikes, sports bikes, dirt bikes, off-road bikes, cruisers
  • ATVs: three-wheelers, four-wheelers
  • Specialty vehicles: motorized wheelchairs, riding lawnmowers, ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles
  • Work vehicles: tractors, farm equipment, construction vehicles, landscaping vehicles
  • Water vessels: cruise ships, yachts, pontoon boats, catamarans, tugboats, sailboats, speedboats, fishing boats, motorboats, Boston whalers, center console boats, bowrider boats, Chris-Craft boats, Jet Ski
  • Aircraft: gliders, planes, helicopters

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

If you have an unwanted vehicle that’s just collecting dust in your garage, donate it to us at Breast Cancer Car Donations to help breast cancer sufferers in San Ramon, CA. Call us at 866-540-5069 or fill out our online donation form today!

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