World Health Day: 4 Things You Can Do to Help End Health Inequalities

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Do Your Part to Close the Gap on April 7th

April 7th of every year is declared by the World Health Organization as World Health Day. Celebrated to mark the WHO’s founding on April 7th, 1948, the day seeks to provide an avenue for nations to shine the spotlight on prevailing health issues affecting the world.

This year, World Health Day will be celebrated under the theme “Building a Better, Fairer World.” The campaign seeks to focus on the glaring health inequalities in society between those who can afford proper care and those who cannot.

The issue has gained added urgency in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world for over a year now. Despite the global health crisis, members of society who belong to the higher bracket continue to live in comfort and security while the poorer segments of society find it even harder to deal with life’s many challenges. Their inability to find decent work to support their needs during this critical time leads to unnecessary suffering, avoidable illness, and premature death.

In response, the WHO is calling upon leaders and governments to provide equal access to health care services across all sectors of society wherever and whenever they are needed.


How Can You Help Reduce Health Inequality?

You can do your part to reduce health inequality in the world. Here are 4 things you can do:

1. Educate yourself.

Do your research to understand the health issues in your area. You can start with your community, locality, and even your district. Gather relevant information from people in the field to understand problems with the current system.

2. Mobilize your community.

Once you understand the issues and their ramifications, you can form a small group to advocate for a more equitable application of health care programs in your community health center or local hospital. Get in touch with your local leaders for a potential partnership.

3. Write your congressman or senator.

You can write a letter to your state representative to raise your concerns about health inequality. You can also make suggestions for potential legislation or programs to address the problems. You can even start an online petition.

4. Support health advocacies.

Support agencies and programs that seek to eliminate the gap in the delivery of essential health care to the people. You can donate or volunteer your time and your skills to support the cause.


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