World Fair Trade Day: 3 Ways Fair Trade Supports Women

Ways Fair Trade Supports Women | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Promote Gender Justice by Supporting Fair Trade Practices

Nations around the world celebrated World Fair Trade Day last May 14th to support fair trade practices in various industries. The event also served as a springboard for all concerned sectors to show their support for the empowerment of women as well as gender justice in developing countries.

Observed every second Saturday of May, World Fair Trade Day celebrates strides made by countries and organizations in embracing fair trade practices in support of small-scale farmers, producers, and their families as well as in cultivating healthy and sustainable communities around the world.


3 Ways Fair Trade Helps to Empower Women

Across the globe, women have been struggling to prove themselves in the workplace. It is even more difficult in developing countries where stereotypes abound.

Women play crucial roles in various industries. They make up a significant proportion of workers and farmers, especially in the textile and handicrafts sector.

While countries worldwide have various laws on women’s rights, implementation is erratic if not non-existent. Among others, cultural factors prevent women from exercising their rights. For instance, women only hold 12% of board positions in businesses across the world, 9% of CEO positions, and 24% of senior management roles.

Fair trade advocates seek to address these issues not only during World Fair Trade Day but year-round as well. Here are three areas where fair trade practices help empower women:

1. Fair trade practices protect women’s rights.

Fair trade practices provide opportunities for avoiding gender discrimination in the workplace. These practices provide workers with fair labor conditions as well as product-specific norms for environmental protection. Fair trade standards also promote policies against unfair hiring based on gender, marital status, sexual intimidation, and harassment.

2. They promote gender equality.

Fair trade practices promote gender justice in the workplace. They ensure that women get opportunities in the workforce by providing them the necessary training in business, finance, and other disciplines to help them succeed.

3. They break down stereotypes.

Fair trade practices break down the barriers and limitations on work areas for women. While there’s still much work to be done in this area, initiatives in several industries have led to significant improvements in breaking down gender barriers in the workplace.


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